A German Brand REHAU Launched an Exclusive Range of Zero Joint Edge Band


The Germany-based company REHAU with polymer-based solutions for the construction industry has come up with another easy-to-use and elegant-looking product – the furniture Edgebands. From the plain white ones to the glossy ones to the seamless ones, the edge bands are evolving ever since and now the company is here with another range called RAUKANTEX pro entitled to give a 3D effect to the furniture. Today, apart from utility, furniture is also about being eye-pleasing and RAUKANTEX edge and range provide that clean, flawless zero-joint look to the furniture.


The brand established its first store in 1997 in Pune, India, and focused since, on improving the living standards by providing a cutting edge look to your furniture. Undergoing ample transformations, the series is for all the commonly used applied methods for a zero-joint finish. Instead of the traditional glue, the product uses a pre-applied, co-extruded polymer functional layer that reflects finesse in the joinery detail between the board and the edge band.


REHAU is providing you a scratch-resistant, moisture-resistant, and less chemically inclined product that ensures a longer bond with your furniture, and 1000+ color options backs-up the ease of utility criteria with any kind of furniture. The company is working towards more sustainable products and this range of edge bands is a step toward adhesive and cleaning agent-free carpentry or at least the incorporation of these harmful products can be minimized. To ensure eco-friendly and carbon-neutral alternatives, use of PP(Polypropylene) and ABS(Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) materials are promoted by the company.  

Other REHAU products include pre-laminated boards, flooring laminates, underfloor heating, and cooling solutions and the detailed information can be accessed through their website.

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