Żorro designed by Frantagroup. 

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Żorro is the latest project designed by Frantagroup, Maciej Franta’s architectural firm in Poland. It has been inspired by the basic principle to create architecture that improves the functional, aesthetic, and spatial standards in a given place and context for future residents.

Situated in the vicinity of prefabricated buildings, this building was given its recognizable look by pushing the boundaries of cubature and giving the uniqueness and architectural features of a “superhero” in its location that differ from the other buildings. The structure represents a new model for development because it combats mediocrity and pushes residents to create something unique.

Żorro is shaped by copying and then recomposing a typical prefabricated housing building in the vicinity. A dynamic intersection of the rectangular, devoid of emotions and composition block of a typical prefabricated structure made of large slabs, revealing its true heart in its raw and apathetic facade – the warm and soft interior of roof terraces and flowing gardens.

The building was designed in traditional technology with a reinforced concrete structure and brick walls. Prefabricated reinforced concrete terraces were used. The terraces and balconies are finished in natural plank and the façade is plastered in black. The building is equipped with economical heating technologies and high insulation parameters. High-quality wide windows have been designed.

Written by Team TDJI

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