Waterfront Home by Billimoria and Associates bringing Lake to the living room

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waterfront home

Designing along a waterbody is always about the stunning views the beholder gets to experience from the inside. The waterfront home by Billimoria and Associates abides by the same ideology and is all about what views the project has to offer. The interior ambiance is embraced with white color and abundant natural light blurring the line between in and out transcending the gaze towards the captivating scenery outside.

waterfront home

The most interesting part of the Waterfront home is, that it is 1.5 meters above ground level. The lake is at a distance of 85 meters from the edge of the property so the ground level only had access to water lining from distance. Principal architect Darius Billimoria devised the solution of raising the structure to 1.5 meters to ensure access to scenic views from ground-level spaces. To fill the site, construction debris and excavated waste from the nearby construction sites are used and RCC retaining walls are used as 1.5 meters tall compound walls.

waterfront home

The house is designed into two floors reflecting the personalities of the client. It is conceptualized as a space that is formal and welcoming for occasions similar to a party host and is comforting and relaxing on the usual days that provide a retreat in the lap of nature. The waterfront home is accessed from an entrance foyer with an adjacent double-height courtyard that features a water element and a skylight above. The east of the courtyard is another double-height voluminous form that is dedicated to the living and dining area with a dry kitchen and the south is a guest bedroom. The guest bedroom is designed with a deck area looking out onto the lake views and scenic verdure.

waterfront home

The wet kitchen is designed behind the dry one and both are linked through sliding doors that disappear into the cavity walls. To the south of the wet kitchen are the service areas including the driver’s restroom, utility area for the washing machine, and dryer and quarters for house help. The first floor is formulated with a family room in the south, a lounge area in the North, and two bedrooms. The master bedroom and the daughter’s bedroom are both designed with walk-in wardrobes and attached washrooms. The lounge area connects the first and ground floor of the waterfront home through the double-height volumes.

waterfront home
waterfront home

The colors of the Waterfront Home are a combination of whites and greys that vanishes the barrier between inside and outside and gives a vibe of being outdoors in the voluminous living and dining areas. The artifacts and loose furniture are handpicked from Bali by the client and it adds a pop of colors to the neutral backdrops accentuating the whole decor of the place just like the Suar wood Balinese dining table sitting next to a grey backdrop of the dry kitchen.

waterfront home

The sofas for the seating areas on both the floors are specially fabricated in green and burnt yellow with elegant center tables from Bali. The windows of this Waterfront home are dressed with sheer off-white curtains that impart softness to the space and the ones that are looking over the lake are covered with bamboo blinds. To exude warmth and privacy, the flooring of the master bedroom and the linked areas is yellow sandstone unlike the rest of the house which is grey granite.

waterfront home

The grand living and dining areas are the core areas of waterfront home and indeed the transitioning spots that connect instantly to the greenery around and set the focus on the beautiful waterfront. These areas are flanked by gardens that are designed with minimalism and a zen garden concept to shift the attention to the farther trees and lake articulating a strong connection with nature.

waterfront home

Another engaging feature of the waterfront home design is its flexibility in transitioning to different spaces as per usage. The courtyard with the guest bedroom uses a sliding glass divider that disappears into the cavity wall and the guest room when not in use comes in with the courtyard for some other usage. Similar area transitions can be seen in the master bedroom with a sliding divider between the sleeping area and the den area or between the den area and the lounge area.

waterfront home

The furniture elements like the old sofas, armchairs, and console tables are refurbished, polished, and upholstered for use in the seating and lounge areas. The existing trees on the site are retained and before filling the site, 1.2m diameter concrete rings are made around the trunks of every indigenous tree on site.

Fact Sheet

Project name: Waterfront Home

Location: Bangalore, India

Total Area: 10,000 sq ft

Firm Name: Billimoria and Associates

Design Team: Darius Billimoria, Ashini Kala, Jyotsna Rao

Image Credits: Midhun KT

Written by Aastha Trivedi

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