Villa Designed by Ameet Mirpuri & Ar. Jithain Hathiramani

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Ameet Mirpuri, the principal designer & Ar. Jithain Hathiramani designed a space that meets the client’s expectation of personal space & his world, where he could lose himself at one point of time and rejuvenate at the same time. The site has a stunning location with a beautiful outside view, which allows the designer to integrate the design idea of seamlessly assimilating the indoors to the outdoors; bringing nature close. 

Ameet Mirpuri

A single water body was used to connect every area of the house. The house has its very own flowing stream of water that originates at the very top of the bar area and passes through a stainless steel art installation into a central large body with a sunken seating at the mid-level, which further continues down a dramatic stone staircase and terminates ultimately in a pool that flows over the infinity edge enhancing the feel of being at the heart of nature. 

A structure with minimal visual blockades was created, with the special attention to have a private uninterrupted view and space of every corner of the house. Special attention is paid to ensure that the house blends into the existing terrain while not getting lost in it. The striking sloping roofs flow with the topography of the land without standing out starkly. 

Lush landscape, tiny and interesting nooks, and corners are created as surprise elements specifically for the inhabitants of this villa to enjoy in the middle of a jungle. Each element was carefully selected to create a home that exuded warmth. 

Fact Sheet: 

Principal Designer: Ameet Mirpuri 

Architecture: Jithain Hathiramani 

Landscape: Sowmya Lakhamraju 

Photography: Raveen Garikipati 

Project Management: Tenneti Srinivasa Gangadhar 

Senior Designer (Interiors): Patnala Venu Gopal Krishna 

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