Velencia by Nikita Pathak Unleashes The Aspirations Of A Luxurious Lifestyle

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Enter this opulent single-floored home on the M3M golf estate designed by Nikita pathak that immediately feels like royalty. The design of this three-bedroom dwelling is an ode to
luxury and extravagance.

velencia 2

The entrance to the house is a gleaming focal point intended to dazzle anyone who enters. It is
enhanced with rich fabrics and wood panelling. A stunning statue of Sai Baba stands in an
alcove above the doorway, showering blessings to every visitor. The opulent space is accented
by peacock feathers in shades of blue and green. A large sitting area welcomes you into the
apartment, which is embellished with luxury furniture and fittings.
A slick and spacious washroom visitors see as soon as they enter the house is an important
detail for today’s elite.

velencia 5

The open space of the formal dining and living room melds seamlessly into one another. The
wall and ceiling decorations, accessories, and paintings can be seen from adjacent rooms. The
splash of colour against the subtly patterned wallpaper serves to highlight the stunning painting
opposite the TV. Light from various sources in each area provides a striking effect.

velencia 7

The dynamic home bar adds to the charm of the home, creating an inviting and warm interior

velencia 4

The space makes an interesting blend of fashionable and diverse design elements, using
materials such as matte and gloss surfaces. There is a play of colour and texture, as well as
lighting. Metal accents add a touch of luxury, in a restrained way with the use of different
textures. Furniture that has a bluish-green theme is used throughout the space, making it
relaxing and enhancing its chic entertainment area.

velencia 3

Custom lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers, pendants, and wall sconces, combined with
accent lighting highlight the opulence of the house in various ways. Preset controls allow the
homeowners to modulate these lights for special occasions and holidays.
The balcony area, leading from the living room, has been converted into an outdoor seating
area, overlooking the M3M Golf Course. This space is designed to withstand any weather and
has a bright colour scheme. The entire design focuses on interconnected spaces.

Elevating the gorgeousness of the bedroom room’s design is the floating shelf that beautifully
complements the grey wall colour. The woody feel and use of white gloss on the furniture create
a splendid bedroom perfect for a modern yet luxurious home.

The bedrooms of this boutique apartment have been painstakingly designed to include fabric,
upholstery and lighting that convey a sense of luxury. The master bedroom walls have been treated with rich beige paint, for example, and a pouff has been added to the walk-in closet,
which has a strong Japanese theme.

velencia 10

The third bedroom is designed with the warm tones of this room offset by its dark furniture,
including white walls and a black-and-grey duvet on the bed. By using modern, elegant
materials like black laminate flooring and a grey headboard, this room has a debonair feel.
The bathrooms are warm and luxurious in design, with cream tiles that are complemented by
gold-coloured countertops and metallic shower trims.

Written by Rithanya Sekar

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