Form Design Studio creates Mashrabiya: A dwelling of traditions interwoven into architecture

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Mashrabiya by Form Design Studio

Mashrabiya is a bungalow located in Indore designed by Form Design Studio covering an area of 1500 sq ft. It is a project that brings together traditional family values and architectural principles. The team has created a design that emanates freedom and comfort to the users and provides them with a sense of belongingness, movement, and light.

Mashrabiya by Form Design Studio

It is a 5 BHK residence designed for a family of five located in a densely urban setting in Indore. The design aims to provide joy to its residents and instill a feeling of home not house. The residence has ample influx of sunlight and is a spacious dwelling for anyone despite its modest plot area.

Mashrabiya by Form Design Studio

Mashrabiya looks across a large garden in the society and is planned to bring inside the scenic views. The facade has planter pockets complimented well with the terracotta jali. The design spreads across three-floor plates and has a triple height open volume in the central core connecting all individual spaces. The central core is dedicated to the dining area that flows into the adjoining living and kitchen areas. The central courtyard is equipped with large windows and a skylight that brings in abundant sunlight creating a pleasant environment across all the floors.

Mashrabiya by Form Design Studio
Mashrabiya by Form Design Studio

A highlighting feature of Mashrabiya is the angled brick wall that creates a dramatic effect of shadow on either side. It appears more captivating when experienced from the mid-landing of the metal staircase. The staircase also appears to be floating as its white painted underside merges it with the rest of the space and highlights the volume of the core.

Mashrabiya by Form Design Studio
Mashrabiya by Form Design Studio

The walls of common spaces in Mashrabiya are decorated with customized terracotta lamps and artworks that are reflective of the originality of the use of materials in the project. The theme of the bedrooms is simple, similar to the rest of the house, white shell with warm tone flooring dotted with traditional motifs. The facade terracotta jali also forms intricate shadow patterns in the main bedroom blocking glare and giving access to the garden view. A visual connection between spaces is developed with the triple height courtyard and terrace balconies.

Mashrabiya by Form Design Studio
Mashrabiya by Form Design Studio
Mashrabiya by Form Design Studio

Fact Sheet

Project Name: Mashrabiya

Location: Indore

Total Plot Area: 1500 sq ft

Firm Name: Form Design Studio

Image Credits: Avesh Gaur

Written by Aastha Trivedi

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