Earthy Dream Home exudes Subtlety with a Pop of Color

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Earthy Dream Home by the arch studio

The Earthy Dream home is a holiday retreat township space in Pirangut designed by the Arch Studio covering an area of 1500 sq ft. The site is situated a few kilometers away from the active city area on a hilly terrain that gives access to the scenic views of the city. The scenery draws the emphasis in the whole project creating a connection between nature and the occupants of the space. 

The conceptualization is based on creating a minimal and modern space with a timeless vibe. The soothing environment is achieved with ample natural filtered light and soft textured finishes. The double-height ceiling is erected with minimal use of false ceiling to retain maximum actual height. The walls are adorned with Gray battens juxtaposed with cane and walnut wood to create a simple and minimal space.

Earthy Dream Home by the arch studio

The Earthy Dream home opens into the entrance foyer finished with earthy color tones. The foyer area has a brick wall decorated with mirrors and printed tiles complimented with a cane console and natural light illuminating the space. Moving further to the living area creates nature inspired space with warm color tones mixed with a mustard yellow pop of color. The highlights of the space are rattan, cane, and woven material elements.

Earthy Dream Home by the arch studio

Various decorative elements like pendant lamps, wall decor, furnishings, tv units, and other furniture use cane as a primary material. The gray color flooring is accentuated with printed tiles that also instill a sense of direction in the overall space. The dining space has a gray backdrop with a solid wood dining table and chairs against it. The place exudes a comfortable and cozy vibe with tropical paintings beautifying the subtle background.  The reading space is amped up with a tan butterfly chair and a side table. This area of Earthy Dream home is for those who are willing to relax and soak into the pages of a book any time of the day. The bookshelf has angular partitions showcasing a combination of books and artifacts.

Earthy Dream Home by the arch studio
Earthy Dream Home by the arch studio
Earthy Dream Home by the arch studio

The bedroom is finished in a blush pink color with an arch paneling gracing the back of the bed. The furniture of the room is rustic with additions of cane to synchronize with the overall decor. The master bedroom also reflects a minimalistic concept with a white grooved ceiling and wall. This room has a mahogany four-poster bed complemented with side tables. The bed is a statement piece and the sheer drapes and light linens add privacy and warmth to the space.

Earthy Dream Home by the arch studio
Earthy Dream Home by the arch studio

The Earthy Dream home is a welcoming and cozy space with a functional layout and spaces illuminated with natural light. The design is finished in muted and subtle tones intertwined with a pop of color. 

Fact Sheet

Project Name: Earthy Dream Home 

Location: Pirangut, Pune

Total Area: 1500 Sq.Ft

Firm Name: The Arch Studio

Photography: Inclined Studio 

Written by Aastha Trivedi

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