Salone del Mobile.Milano: Explore, Engage, Inspire

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Salone del Mobile.Milano: Explore, Engage, Inspire

More than 60,000 people visited the Salone del Mobile.Milano special exhibit that was held recently at the Milan in Italy. The event was bolstered by an address from Italian president Sergio Mattarella who highlighted the courage behind and high standards evidenced by the profession, which guaranteed complete restoration of Milan, an entire industry and Italy as a whole. This event will also act as a driving force for next year’s 60th installment of Salone Del Mobile following its April 5th to 10th launch next April!

Salone del Mobile.Milano: Explore, Engage, Inspire

A whopping 425 brands showed off their products, 16% of which came from countries outside of Italy, with an additional 170 young design students from 22 countries and 39 independent designers.  Over six days, more than 60,000 presences were recorded, 30% coming from 113 different nations. Over half were trade operators and buyers (47% outside of Italy). Almost 1,800 accredited journalists attended.

Salone del Mobile.Milano digital platform

Salone del Mobile.Milano: Explore, Engage, Inspire

The new Salone del Mobile.Milano digital platform also played a decisive role, amplifying the event during “supersalone” by launching a new approach and seeing unprecedented uptake by visitors both at the fair and remote users. A variety of companies and products had an opportunity to showcase themselves using the channel by telling their stories, many figures present had the chance to speak, information was exchanged and direct contacts multiplied.

The QR code was scanned 22,000 times through the new App. 1.5 million web pages were viewed by an average of 90,000 users a day. The new Salone del Mobile.Milano TikTok account, onto which 19 videos were uploaded during the first 5 days of “supersalone,” had more than 630,000 views in total, while the first three episodes of the Super! Podcast were streamed 2,000 times, immediately making their way into the Top 100 Italian Apple Podcasts. The social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter), registered 15 million impressions, 25,000 interactions and 50,000 video viewings.

“We are closing this edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano with great satisfaction and huge emotion. It was important to take that first but decisive step, to make our presence felt and send a signal to the country as a whole. We did it. Thanks to all the hard work everyone put into it: the companies who hedged their bets on it, the curator Stefano Boeri and all the team of co-curators, and the organisers, the riggers, the designers and the cultural and communication professionals who all believed in this event, together.

Salone del Mobile.Milano: Explore, Engage, Inspire

Particular thanks go to the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella who assured us of the support of the institutions. Deciding to go ahead with this “supersalone” took a good dose of courage and meant taking on a lot of responsibility – for the system as a whole and for the entire supply chain, which needed a physical and concrete occasion, not just symbolic and digital, to press the accelerator for a restart which – as we saw this week – is already in gear. We also had to guarantee the best possible conditions in terms of safety for our visitors,” said Maria Porro, President of the Salone del Mobile.Milano.

Salone del Mobile.Milano: Explore, Engage, Inspire

The presence of many government and institutional figures was also testament to the importance of the Salone del Mobile.Milano as a financial driver of the country. The concrete support of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs through SIMEST and the Italian Trade Agency ICE was confirmation of the international importance of the event, and the support of the Lombardy Region testifies to the central role played by this particular part of the country for our sector.

Lost Graduation Show:

Salone del Mobile.Milano: Explore, Engage, Inspire

The Lost Graduation Show was a huge hit with the public and also drawing critical plaudits from the many designers and architects who visited the show, as was the packed public programme featuring 40 illustrious voices (including architects, innovators, visionaries, businesspeople, artists and politicians). Many of the talks were booked out, a sign that the desire to meet again and discuss fundamental design themes and the social and environmental value of design is more alive than ever. Droves of visitors also lined up at the four Identità Golose Food Courts, areas dedicated to gourmet cuisine from leading names in Italian gastronomy.

Salone del Mobile.Milano: Explore, Engage, Inspire

Echoes of agreement also come from the city. Over the last few days, there have been 35,000 visitors to Triennale Milano, which is hosting the exhibition il Salone / la Città, an exhibition devised by the Italian Design Museum at Triennale Milano for the Salone del Mobile.Milano. It has been so successful that it has been extended for another week, until 19th September. The next edition will be in Milan from 5th to 10th April 2022.

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Picture Credit: Francesco Marinelli, Filippo Gobbato

Written by Team TDJI

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