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Newly office of Cityspace’82 Architects at Gurugram

The new office of Cityspace’82 Architects at Gurugram is an efficient & proactive workspace designed with a contemporary minimalistic approach. An open plan concept was opted by Ar. Sumit Dhawan to design the office space. The objective was to curate a hospitable working environment with varied work settings that fostered creativity.

The office has collaborative working spaces to individual work zones, with the entire space highlighted with the ever-green and universal colour palette of black & white. With an impressive office, entrance one enters through a staircase, which leads to the basement. The quirky design of the reception table is the first thing that catches the patrons’ eyes. The backdrop panel of the reception is inscribed with the company logo and a chic customized clock showcasing only numbers “6, 9 & 12”. The black featuring wall on the left side showcases framed pictures of the completed projects that capture the vignette of the work the organization pertains to.

Cityspace’82 Architects at Gurugram

Divided into two segments, the left and right side has a visiting and working area respectively. The work area has 25 workstations designed in a way that the senior architects can have easy interaction with their teams. There are two exclusive workstations designed for the senior architects to have client, staff, and vendor meetings. The exclusivity of the project is on curating more and more storage areas in the office, for which areas like loft and pigeon holes are also used for the storage purpose.

Cityspace’82 Architects

A separate seating lounge is curated on the left once you moved further inside the office. The backdrop of the reception area serves as a book library on this side. The logo of the firm is etched on the ground here in a repetitive circular pattern with descending sizes. An abstract composition assimilating a magnificent splash of colour done by Cityspace’ 82’s team itself is incorporated as the background of the lounge. Special three panels showcasing different typologies of projects are created to have the privacy of the workstation area from the seating lounge.

The air conditioning duct is painted in white color and the furniture and material palette is stick to the theme of black and white. The ceiling of the office is in white that gives the office a spirit of vastness and immensity with the same primary color scheme opted on flooring.

Cityspace’82 Architects

The Director’s room has a separate conference area. The door handles are in the shape and color of the logo of the organization with white cement flooring. The rest cabin is done in black creating an imagery of a perfect juxtaposition. A lush green garden is provided adjacent to the conference room and director’s cabin to diminish the feeling of working in a basement.

Special consideration is given to the lighting temperatures. Designed with 3000-kelvin temperature (also known as the warm white light), the guest area, conference area, and director’s room kindle aesthetically. The workstation area is designed with 4,000-kelvin temperature, almost close to natural light to create a calm and efficient atmosphere to help employees concentrate on work granting maximum protection to their eyes.

The intelligent layout of this office changes the way it is perceived by the employees while amplifying efficiency and productivity. A unique and innovative design, Cityspace’ 82 Architects grants a hospitable yet distinctive environment for its employees and patrons.

Fact File:

Name of the project: Cityspace’82 Architects Office

Architect: Ar. Sumit Dhawan

Location: Gurugram

Area (Sq.ft): 1800 sq.ft

Written by Team TDJI

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