Music School by Aurora Arquitectos

Ar. Sofa Couto and Ar. Sergio Antunes, co founder of the studio Aurora Arquitectos have recently completed the project in Portugal. The vibrant yellow intervention curated by the team connects the two existing building of the music school. The vertical and horizontal relationship between the both buildings is the pretext to create a space for the students to interact and relax during the breaks.

Beautifully and technically designed intervention, both the buildings enjoy their individuality and respect and windows creates a frame to see the best things around the surrounding, a forest and a magnolia of white flowers.


Aurora Arquitectos
Aurora Arquitectos
Aurora Arquitectos
Aurora Arquitectos

Fact File

Project Name: ARTAVE/CCM Music School

Firm Name: Aurora Arquitectos

Architect Name: Ar. Sofa Couto and Ar. Sergio Antunes

Architecture Team: Sérgio Antunes, Sofia Reis Couto, Tânia Sousa, Rui Baltazar,  Ivo Lapa, Carolina Rocha, Bruno Pereira, Dora Jerbic, Anna Cavenago, Afonso Nunes

Location: Caldas da Saúde, Famalicão, Portugal

Area: 3873 m2

Photography: Aurora Arquitectos

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