Modern Oasis by Rakhee Shobhit Design Associates: Crafting Comfort with Style

Modern Oasis

Modern Oasis is a residence design recently done by Rakhee Bedi and her team at Rakhee Shobhit Design Associates(RSDA) in sector-15, Gurugram. It is a contemporary setting for a multi-generational family derived from their physical and cultural aspects. The structure has been reconfigured according to the spatial requirements and designed to ensure maximum utility.

Modern Oasis

RSDA is a multi-disciplinary firm executing a diverse range of architecture and interior design projects for over 15 years and the founder of the firm Rakhee Bedi is focusing on the fluidity of volumes and stimulation of local craftsmen. The architect has ensured ease in commuting between spaces in the modern oasis residence without hindrance.

Modern Oasis

The built form is divided into four levels assigning different zones according to the client’s usage and requirements. The basement is the entertainment space of the house, the ground floor is associated with family gatherings, the first floor is for the kids, and the second floor is for leisure and other activities. The entrance of the Modern Oasis provides a welcoming vibe to the visitors with a lounging area that persuades people to visit and have fun gatherings.

The furniture is adorned with a tinge of brass and the grey toned lounge area leads to the dining area which makes it a perfect setting for an informal get-together. RSDA has planned a master bedroom on the ground floor as well for the elderly with subtle tones and the least detailing.

Modern Oasis

The first floor of the modern oasis is curated with two bedrooms; one for the kids and another for the couple. The kid’s bedroom is consciously designed as it will be a shared space and the color tones should not be gender centric. The room houses a twin bed with cushioned pastel blue headboard and a storage shelf above it for storage purposes. The shelf extends into a storage unit on the sidewall and a table attached to it is designed as a study table for the kids.

Modern Oasis

The master bedroom is designed with neutral color tones and abstract wallpaper to create a contemporary space that is subtle and aesthetically pleasing. The semi-covered verandah also features a randomly punctured aluminum powder coated sheet embedded with granite accentuating the ambiance of the space.

Modern Oasis

The top floor is a leisure area and has a play area for the kids and a gym that is yet to be added. The conceptualization by RSDA for the basement is different from other spaces of the modern oasis. It holds a language of neo-classical architecture. The chesterfield sofa sits in the center and a TV mounted on the wall that is highlighted by the wooden panels on both sides with an open brass shelf unit coordinating with the rest of the interiors, imparts a sophisticated yet luxurious essence to the place. The NSL bar in the corner with the gold color detailing is designed to impress the user.

Modern Oasis
Modern Oasis

This design of Modern Oasis by RSDA perfectly defines modern living with a visual treat for the users in the form of colors and textures throughout the design. It stands true to style and richness without compromising on comfort and usage. 

Fact Sheet

Project Name: A Modern Oasis

Project Location: Sector-15, Gurgaon

Firm Name: Rakhee Shobhit Design Associates

Design Team: Rakhee and Pawan

Client Name: Mrs and Mr Gagan Bomb

Site area: 318 sq m

Photo Credits: Suryan and Dang

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