Lord Hanuman made of 26,000 bells – Charuvi Agrawal

With a gold medal in fine arts from Delhi College of Art and Computer Animation from Sheridan College from Canada, Charuvi Agrawal is a practicing visual artist in the domain of animation and fine arts. In her pursuit of creativity, she has amassed expertise in painting, sculpting, and creating interactive art installations. She has an exclusive creation of 25 feet sculpture of Lord Hanuman made of 26,000 bells that is a unique amalgamation of art and technology. The sculpture depicts the depth, grandeur, and the meaning of the verses.

To portray the sculpture in fine distinction, bells have been used. The whole process of this artistic masterpiece starts with conceptualizing the basic form with series of preliminary sketches and thereafter layers have been added digitally in software to create the prototypes or scale down models before moving on to the piece itself. First, a prototype was made using pearls. In the prototype, the location of the bells, the distance between the bells and the material to be used were all analyzed and mapped. This information was then extrapolated on to a much larger canvas thereby creating the present-day structure.
Designed in a transcending static, the sculpture is into a physical moving art form. This grand piece also mentioned in a Limca book of records.

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