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Kitchen direction as per Vastu

Kitchens are well-designed areas where the family members bond and socialize while cooking; following   guidelines advocated by Vastu Shastra enhances and balances energies to ensure positivity, good health and happiness. Kitchen, as we all know represents the element of fire and it is fireplace which purifies the energy of the house, cooks food which fuels and nourishes the body for health.

According to Vastu, homes must balance earth, sky, air, fire and water. And a fine balance of energies, as per the principles of Vastu Shastra implies a clean, clutter-free, well-lit, airy and spacious kitchen with correct position and placement of things. This implies that the design of the kitchen should be minimal, with clean, simple lines by making it Vastu compliant!

Which side should kitchen face as per vastuPLANNING THE LAYOUT

Kitchen direction as per Vastu: South-East is the perfect direction for kitchens, as per Vastu this is the direction where ‘Agni or the lord of fire’ Sun reigns.  Sun symbolizes energy and strength. Another plus of South-East direction is that it combines Sun and Mars, and the resultant energy kills germs and contributes to good health. The next best option is North-West.  Kitchens should not be in the North, North-East and South-West, as this can lead to family rifts or domestic upheavals.

The Entrance:  Just like the layout of your kitchen, the kitchen’s entry door is very important and it must be in the East, North or West, according to Vastu Shastra.  Also, ensure that the entrance does not fall in any of the corners.

Cooking Gas: One should face East while cooking which implies that the gas stove should a few inches away from the wall in the South East corner. The stove must not be in front of the main door.  You may have health problems in case you face west while cooking and financial problem in family if you face South. There should not be a shelf above the cooking gas. West is an alternate neutral direction to face during cooking. Avoid cooking under an overhead beam.

Electric Equipments:  Modern kitchens have many electrical appliances like microwave ovens, conventional ovens, gas stoves, heaters, mixers and so on. Place these appliances in South-East or South side of the kitchen and ensure never to place these in North-East direction.

Refrigerator’s placement matters:  According to Vastu, the refrigerator should be placed in the South-West direction and at least a foot away from the corners. Avoid placing it in the North-East direction.

Gas Cylinder:  Keep gas cylinder in South-East direction and empty cylinder must be kept in South-West.

Kitchen Sink: The ideal placement of kitchen sink is in North-East zone of the kitchen. The sinkmust not beplaced on the same or parallel direction as that of the cooking platform. As per Vastu Shastra, fire and water oppose and repel each other; consequences can be negative like fights and rifts between couples and family members if both the elements are placed together. To counter the dosha of the closeness of the stove and sink, place a bone china vase between them.

Windows: Windows let out all the negative energy and its must to have a couple of windows facing the East, ensure that it’s kept open at all times. An exhaust is also essential, and it must be placed in the East direction for reducing negativity.

Color Scheme:  Use bright colors like red, yellow, orange, rose or green as these represent nourishing colors and colors of fire but a black, grey or blue kitchen is considered inauspicious.  These colors will not only make your kitchens Vastu compliant, but also make it trendy and happy!

Wall colors       represents

Yellow             Cheery and positive

Pastel shades    Warmth and love

Light brown      Stability

Colors for kitchen cabinets, floors and slabs

Lemon yellow, orange or green cabinets             Freshness, good health

Quartz or granite slabs                                         Balanced environment

Flooring:  The flooring of kitchen can be ceramic tiles, mosaic or marble as it induces positivity. Ceramic tile flooring is recommended for Indian cooking as it is stain-free, dust-free and scratch resistant.

Storage: The storage shelves, units and cabinets must be on Southern or Western wall. Store grains, spices, pulses and stocks of daily essential commodities on the South-West side as it invites good luck and prosperity.  Additionally avoid east and north to store grains. Always keep the rice jar at home filled more than half for prosperity. Avoid keeping these storage jars on old newspapers.

Quick basic Vastu tips

  • A well-organized, neat, clean kitchen creates positive vibe.
  • Regularly clean the kitchen by mopping floors and discard junk, chipped or broken cups, dishes or pans.
  • Do not keep waste like old newspapers, rags and unwanted items, in the kitchen.
  • Keep herbal plants like pudina, tulsi or bamboo in the kitchen window for positivity but avoid thorny plants, as these create tensions.
  • Keep the stove burners clean to ensure smooth flow of cash.

These are just some basic tips for your kitchens which will fill your home with positivity!

Written by Team TDJI

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