The Riverside Sojourn by Ketaki Poonawala

The Riverside Sojourn is an 1800 sq ft holiday home located at Lodha Belmondo on the Mumbai Pune Expressway is designed by Ketaki Poonawala, founder of Ketaki Poonawala Designs for a nuclear family as a weekend getaway pad.

Ketaki Poonawala Designs

With the client brief to weave it as a cozy and comfortable home resembling a tropical resort & at the same time keeping it low maintenance and clean with a living, dining space and a small bar in addition to bedrooms and a media room to entertain their friends and family, the designer designed this beautiful home.

Ketaki Poonawala Designs

The living room has a wide space overlooking the golf course and river, with the main intention to incorporate the outdoor space with the indoors by minimal use of overwhelming elements.

Ketaki Poonawala Designs

A tangerine sofa with a wide Centre-table in black and rustic gold has been added to hues to space. The ceiling has wood elements to complement the existing muted and rustic ambiance.

Ketaki Poonawala Designs

The Dining table and chairs were kept raw and minimalist in harmony with the wooden elements adorning the ceiling and the bar space juxtaposed with a brick-clad wall. The elements are selected with an earnest intent of continuity in the tropical design language throughout the space without overpowering it. The bar space is carved from an unused section using civil intervention and giving it access from the dining side

The master bedroom is designed using a variety of tones and textures rendering warmth with the use of wooden ribbed bed back fused with a fabric headboard and cushion panel. Bedside lamps in the raw black metal add the essential elemental effect to the space complementing the wooden furniture.

Ketaki Poonawala Designs

Large windows opening into the exteriors give a panoramic view of the golf course and river flowing below. Both the bedrooms have a sideboard for coffee trays and space for unloading the suitcases. Storage is kept minimal considering this being a holiday home.

The Guest bedroom furniture is rendered a dual-tone effect in wood with the use of chamfered panels for drawers and shutters. A fabric cushion panel clad bed back with hanging wooden pendant lamps adds the tropical aura to this space.

Ketaki Poonawala Designs

Despite the compact size of the apartment, a separate Media Room was designed with a wide lounging day bed complete with plush cushions to laze away watching movies or reading books over cups of a selected range of coffees from their favorite espresso machine placed on the coffee bar adjacent to the day bed. The material palette for this holiday home is a combination of textures and tones using brick cladding, black metal, raw wooden elements, fabrics, cushions, and rustic elemental lamps.

Fact File:

Location: Lodha Belmondo, Mumbai Pune Expressway

Size: 1800 sq.ft

Architect Name: Ketaki Poonawala

Firm Name: Ketaki Poonawala Designs

Picture Courtesy – Photographix India

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