Inspired by South Indian temples, a project designed by Design Platform Architects

Ar Sanil Chacko & Ar. Chacko Sanil of Design Platform Architects brings the special characteristics of culture; tradition and climatic analysis inspired from the temples to the home designed at Thrissur. The rooms of the house adopt the buffer zones inspired from the South Indian temples and the central water body symbolizes calmness and peace. The Kerala Mural Paintings introduced the concept of the Panchavarnas- or the five colors- black, white, red, yellow, and green, which creates the interior mood. 

Design Platform Architects5

Focus on three elements of light; time and nature, the space connects guests, residents, and visitors room and gives life to space just like the branches formed from the main stem. At the main entry, God Ganapathi ji is placed to have the blessings to proud homeowner and their family and friends. 

Design Platform Architects
Design Platform Architects

Architect Name: Ar Sanil Chacko & Ar. Chacko Sanil

Firm Name: Design Platform Architects

Project Name: Red House 

Size: 4500sq.ft 

Location: Thrissur

Photographer Credit: Shijo Thomas

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