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Indian Police store in Pune by IKS Architects

Ar. Ishita Shah & Ar. Kushal Shah of the firm IKS Architects designed the Indian Police store located on the ground floor of a commercial building near the old city in Rajkot. The store is crafted on the concept of contemporary interiors with the rustic material finish, to serve the dignitary officials, local policemen, and other similar professionals.

The basic Layout is linear and unhindered in its path yet experiential by its background, ceiling, or colors. The large storage in a small area is accommodated along with the large display; which maintains equal storage as compare to the display space. The materials used do not overpower the products and caters to the limited space. The rawness of metal and wood are highly celebrated throughout the project to give the chic look to the store. Metal being used highly in ceiling and display gives sleekness to the products. The ceiling is flushed with a metal truss that serves the main selling spaces of the store.

IKS Architects

All the racks have wooden shelves with detailing work.  Metal corrugated sheets are used behind the display racks to avoid the cost of paints & to give the rustic décor look.

The color theme of the project was selected based on the police profession which portrays the rustic theme; using mainly greens and browns in tints and shades. Each product is highlighted with distinct colors at its background. Special Graphics are used to define the police profession with the help of Map on the back wall of the reception and front signage board & graphically saluting them for their service.

IKS Architects

Heritage art pieces like wooden carved frames, legs of the used sewing machine, or the “Atechi” of old houses are used in the project to add a rustic look.

Raw wooden logs are used as a stool to sit that adds striking effect to continuous PVC rustic floor. Gun and its accessories display/hardware are specially designed accordingly to their weight and lengths. Sword, an important element in police service was designed with a special mention on the wall. The Cap section is highlighted with a jalli in the background inspired by FLW’s geometrical designs.

The entrance of the store has a hanging police silhouette carved in MDF that is a cynosure that defines person use in the store

Fact Sheet:

Architect Name: Ar. Ishita Shah & Ar. Kushal Shah

Firm Name: IKS Architects

Loctaion: Rajkot, India

Written by Team TDJI

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