India commits to be Net-Zero by 2070 – What is the way forward?


India has announced to be Net-Zero by 2070 at the COP26 global climate summit held in Glasgow. As India is the 3rd largest emitter of Carbon in the world, this commitment is a major initiative to fight climate change and environmental degradation. The architecture and construction industry being a significant part of the ecosystem and a major contributor to the carbon emissions, the responsibility comes on the shoulders of architects and designers to adapt green architectural practices and techniques that catalyze the process of achieving a Net-Zero carbon Country.

“The foremost way of achieving the goal is by adopting green and sustainable practices at the architectural and construction phase of infrastructure rather than waiting to implement these strategies once the structure is completed,” says Mr. Gopala Krishnan Padmanabhan – Managing Director, APAC and the Middle East, GBCI at The Green building Summit 2022.


The practitioners and owners can ensure health and wellbeing by adapting the design strategies enlisted under various rating systems like LEED and IGBC at different population levels. The strategies not only provide a healthy environment to the occupants but also promote a healthy environment for the construction workers, improve the health of the surrounding communities and reduce toxic exposure throughout the site. 

LEED is a rating system that governs the green aspect of any building under the stated parameters. It states the standards of how a building should be designed, constructed, maintained, and operated. Infosys and Raheja group structures can be examples of reference to understand the application of LEED Parameters at the initial design stage to achieve a green building. The design process involves the internal and external stakeholders for an integrated result. 

Mr. Gopala Krishnan Padmanabhan – Managing Director, APAC and the Middle East, GBCI said, “ Resilience is a key feature for sustainability” at the Green building Summit 2022.

The climate summit organizers have set the target for a net-zero environment as 2050 and the pledge made by India is two decades further than the set target. This might reflect as there is more time on the hands but the constant climate change and environmental degradation are symbolic of no space for the laid-back attitude and to need to gear up and take immediate actions. 

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