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How to design Pooja Room according to Vaastu

Vastu Shastra has formulated certain guidelines for designing the pooja room —  an epicenter of positivity; bringing health, fortune and happiness.  The pooja room is therefore a vital part of Hindu homes in India. Vastu Shastra has prescribed the direction, design, color and accessories to cleanliness for pooja rooms. So, if you are remodeling your old home or are in the process of building one, ensure that this sacred space retains its sanctity and is filled with positive energies which will no doubt energize the body, mind and soul of the entire house.

Now, let’s take a quick look at some of the Vastu tips.

Studio Dream Creative
Image by Studio Dream Creative

Location:   According Vastu Shastra, the pooja room\mandir should be ideally located in north-east direction on the ground floor. This is channelizes maximum energy from the sun. If that is not possible keep your pooja room either in north or east or even west would do but avoid locating this room in the south at any cost. You must face the north or the east while offering prayers in the pooja room. As per Vastu never make your pooja room in the basements and upper floors or even underneath the staircase as people walk over the roof. Similarly, pooja room should never be next to or against the wall of the toilet as this space is considered to be filled with negative energies and considered inauspicious. Also, avoid the making the pooja room in the bedroom, or if it’s in the bedroom ensure that the feet do not point towards it.

Design: Enhance the concentration of positive energy in the pooja room by designing it pyramid-shaped roof like temple’s gopram. In a new construction it is easy to build a room specially dedicated for pooja, but in smaller apartments buy a mandir with a pyramid structure at the top. Also incorporate a threshold to the pooja room as this helps as per Vastu.

Idol Placement:  Avoid placing idols and opt for divine images per Vastu Shastra, which should be placed only on the east or west side of the room. In case you place an idol, ensure air, water and incense fragrance flows freely in all directions around the idol by keeping their height under 9 inches or less than two inches. They should not face each other. When you sit down to pray or meditate the feet of the idols should be at the chest level and the idol must be placed a few inches away from the pooja room walls. Additionally, one must not face east or north when praying.

Colors: Create a tranquil, peaceful atmosphere conducive to positivity inside the pooja room by soothing colors such as white, pale yellow, cream and light blue. Avoid bright loud colors which are distracting during meditation. Light shades also reflect light and make the room brighter. On the floors Vastu Shastra recommends using white or cream toned marble for a pleasing tranquil tone for the room.

Ar. Hitesh Mistry of Hitesh Mistry Associates
Image by Ar.Hitesh Mistry of Hitesh Mistry Associates

Storage: Keep accessories like lamps, oils, books, etc. on shelves on the south or west walls, and stored in a manner creating a relaxed setting with neatness and uncluttered look. These shelves for storage must not block the sunlight entering the room. Also note not to store anything above the idol.

Lighting:  Light prayer lamps and diyas in front of the idols or photos. In case of new construction, design a window in the northeast to optimize natural light. If in case the room does not have natural light, light up the room especially from south-east or east side by artificial lighting. The doors and windows must open to the north or the east.

Doors: As per Vastu the pooja room must have two-shutter doors high-quality wooden doors. The doorway must have a threshold because this is a sacred space which needs to be free from insects, and the threshold keeps them out. Also mark that the idol must not be placed directly in front of the entrance door.

In a small apartment or house:  Its challenging to have a dedicated space as pooja room, so pooja corners are created in kitchens or bedrooms. In such instances, in the kitchen place the pooja mandir in the northeast corner and should have two shutters doors to keep it closed when it is not in use. Avoid pooja room in the bedroom because Vastu states that no one should sleep in the pooja room. With no alternative, incorporate it in the northeast corner and ensure that your feet never ever point towards the pooja space when you are lying on the bed.

InteriorImage Source Designer Rubina Chadha
Image by Interior Designer Rubina Chadha

The right position of the puja room

According to the ancient study of architecture, Vastu Shastra, the northeast is the perfect location to place a puja room. The east, the north and the northeast can also be taken as the directions for the placement of a puja room. Directions other than these should be avoided. Special puja can be performed in the centre of the house.

Designing a puja room

Doors and windows should be in the north and the east direction. The doors should have two shutters without any door closer.

The floor of the puja room should be white or off-white marble.

The cupboard for storing things should be positioned in South or West of puja room.

It is positive to have a threshold in your puja room.

It is vital to have a ventilator.

White, light yellow or light blue colour can be used in the puja room.

Interiors of puja room

Idols should be placed in the north-east direction of the puja room and an inch away from walls. The idols should not be facing each other and the door of the puja room.

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Kalash or water body should be placed in the north or the east of the room.

Deepak, lamp and Agni Kund should be placed in the southeast direction.

Things to avoid in puja room

Puja room should not be placed within the bedroom

It should not be placed on the ground floor or on the first floor or in the basement. Placement of puja room above, below or next to toilet or kitchen is not permissible as per Vastu.

It should not be positioned under the stairs.

Placement of broken idols in the puja room must be avoided.

Prayers should be offered while facing the east.

Photos of dead people should be avoided in puja room.

There should be only one puja room in the house and it should not be used for storage and other purposes.

Do not sleep in your puja ghar.

Written by Team TDJI

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