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How to beautify your Garden with Decor accessories

In the chaos and daily hustle of life, people tend to get exhausted and eventually go out in search of peace and relaxation in the middle of nature. Whether it’s the sea or the mountains, our senses look for the beauty and calmness of the universe around us. What if the beauty and serenity we go out looking for is naturally created in your backyard in the form of a real flower garden. The 20th Century renowned poet John Keats very rightly said that, “a thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Beauty in any form appeals to our senses.

Beautiful gardens are both pleasing to eyes and perceptible to the olfactory sense. The vivid colours and variety of fragrances attracts both birds and insects which multiplies the charm of a garden apparently. Now create your own exclusive customized space to enjoy a beautiful morning tea or, a sexy evening lunch with your best pal. Design the cute little garden of your balcony or a posh lawn in the back of your courtyard with Décor accessories. Read on to find out some interesting ideas to deck up your private cabana presented by nature, recreating the holiday mood that we all long for.

Include furniture

A piece of feudal furniture which has lost its charm in the living room of your home might actually grace your garden giving a retro touch to the whole setting. Double-Duty furniture never goes wrong with the garden concept. Whether it’s a potting-bench or a serve table for your cold beverages, it justifies its presence well in the garden setup. An upside down old medium-sized bucket in the form of a corner table can be used to hold your glass of wine or a tray of small but beautiful shrubs. The structure of a ladder would blend perfectly in your garden, be it for growing edible plants or stacking up flower plants.

Adorn eye-catchers

A fire-pit arrangement shines most in any sort of occasion or backdrop. Design the fire-place with small surface pebbles to keep the raw look intact. Pocket planters are big attractions in both small balcony gardens and in open shed areas. Vertical or horizontal, the hanging herbs would surely give a fun twist to your garden presentation. Add on more such small portable plants grown on thrown over toolboxes, terracotta, wooden containers, metal utensils, plastic pots, etc. Mount them with colour paints or wrap them with ropes to make it look new and fresh. A water feature made with earthenware clay to add floating candles or flowers makes the garden look more edgy and smart. Keep room and arrangement for birds and insects, because we are all creations of God and should learn to co-exist. Moreover, they happily pollinate and clean up pests from your garden. Bird Feeders can be made out of plates and used plastic bottles. A small bird-house made out of cardboards and hot glue can turn out to be the best thing to look forward into your garden.

Do not forget to accessorize the floor

Styling your stepping stones is necessary to complete the task. Installation of a water-resistant rug or a carpet will set forth a cozy chilling spot for an early morning breakfast. Locate crafted wooden planks in the shape of your foot guiding the way to the fire-pit or to the floating candles. Depending on the pattern of plants and flowers your garden is growing, you can choose your design for the paving works. The paving design will give a direction to the final look of your garden.

Screen-up your own cozy private suite

If you have a big space, or even rather a small one, screening the area would save the garden from unwanted creatures. Gardening is a full time job, and it will treat you the way would you take care of it. Zoning garden areas make the garden look neat and tidy. The cleaner the space, the more relaxing it would seem. Use weatherproof curtains or create natural fences with tall plants to bring in privacy from your neighbor next door. The natural aroma of your plants and flowers and the beautiful view of your garden will certainly set your mood right for an evening you are looking forward to with your loved ones.

Written by Puneet Bery

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