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How can you Decorate Your Living Room?

If one has to think of Interior Design then there are seven main elements to be kept in mind. All designers work around the space, form, color, line, texture, pattern and light. With the modern and contemporary style being more prevalent in the recent past we have noticed that the use of Patterns has been completely ignored, and the same has been replaced with the use of solids. Though solids play an important part in adding accent color to any space, they are often passed off as boring.

When it comes to your living room where most of the family time is spent it’s important that the space has enough life and interest to draw attention to. Patterns add movement and activity in any space and if used well they can make your living room come back to life.

Traditional approach on use of patterns have been to restrict the use to one kind of pattern and not to mix two patterns; this idea came from the school of thought of not disturbing the visual balance of a space by overuse of patterns; however it’s not difficult to surpass this mental block if one understands how patterns interact with space around and how we can use them.

Before we get into how we can use patterns lets understand what kind of patterns is available to us. The range for patterns start with Abstract, Geometric, Argyle, Checker, Animal Print, Chevron and it moves to Damask, Floral, Herringbone, Hexagon, Ikat , Moroccan ,Paisley ,Polka dot, Trellis , stripes and many more. The mediums through which these patterns can be used in your living space can be flooring, wall papers, wall tiles, soft furnishings, curtains, cushions, paintings or any statement furniture piece. There is large variety of prints available in all kinds of patterns, and depending upon your existing living room style and your taste you can pick the best pattern which will enhance the look and feel of the space.

Simple Tips to enhance your Living Space:

Since we have refreshed our memory as to how many kind of patterns are there and different mediums through which we can use them, now let’s see how easy it is to actually use them on our own in various combinations.

Below are some of the tips I have for you to lift up the spirits of your Living Rooms Space.

1. Blend art and cushions:

The easiest way to enhance your living space is to add a nice painting with an abstract or floral pattern and to place cushions which compliment the artwork. It’s the easiest and most cost effective way to bring life to your living space considering so many online buying options available these days.

How can You Decorate Your Living Room?
Blend art and cushions

2. Rug and Curtain:  

The curtains on the balcony windows can carry a lot of visual weight if done in dark colours or busy patterns. Select a pattern which is subtle and soothing to look at and compliment it with a floor rug in similar scheme .The rug under the coffee table will visually bind the room without doing much changes.

How can You Decorate Your Living Room?
Rug and Curtain

3. Add Wallpaper:

Go for fabric backing wallpapers with prints of your choice. Identify a focal wall which catches your eye as you enter your living room and use a subtle pattern in the same color tone as the existing room color palette or contrasting color wallpaper if you think the room needs some color. A large pattern is easy on the eye and a small pattern may look busy and may not be readable from a distance, so you should consider the viewing distance while selecting the pattern. Stripes, checker , Paisley, Abstract, Geometric , self textured papers work well in modern or contemporary setting , whereas you can go for Damask , Floral if you’re looking for a contemporary vintage look .   


How can You Decorate Your Living Room?

4. Table Lamps with pattern base

Imagine a decorative blue and white ceramic base with Quatrefoil pattern, this table lamp base will add a sense of elegance to both classic and contemporary looks.

How can You Decorate Your Living Room?
Table Lamps with pattern base

5. Printed sofa: 

A great way to add fun and a level of interest is to change the upholstery of one feature sofa with a pattern fabric. Floral or animal prints can add a lot of character to the space. If done in limits it’s a great way to enhance the mood of the living space.

Playing with patterns is a great way to add value to the existing space. With social media a large part of our lives we all understand how a good décor adds elegance, not only to pictures but people’s lives, with a little bit of attention we can easily live in spaces which are personalized and customized to our own style by just including some patterns. Interior décor is cyclical just like fashion and it’s not far away since we see patterns being used once again.

Written by Team TDJI

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