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Holiday Home by Greyscale Design Studio

Greyscale Design Studio, Bangalore designed holiday home nestled in the greenest depth of “The Coffee brewing and Co. is a contemporary adaptation of the local architecture with pitched roofing. The passage interconnects the living and sleeping spaces, or within each room as inbuilt seaters. Turning right, the large single space of living and dining welcomes you into a sunlit space that receives both the morning climbing sunlight and the evening sundown. The right of the living are huge bay windows that open to the east deck of the house and the left side has part wall and part glass that opens to the west deck of the house. Going further there is a hand wash area and also a big kitchen, which is supported by a utility area, tucked in the back.

The striking feature of the house is the inclined curve, like a trough, a one-piece structure cast together. The structural design of the house allows sunlight in every corner of the house throughout the day. One enjoys the greenery of the plantation, which can be mirrored in every part of the house

The kitchen has a horseshoe counter with an extended back kitchen for additional requirements. The design of the master bedroom has a quaint setting accented with an antique dresser with the entire width on one side as insitu window seating.

Fact Sheet:

Architect Team: Girish Mysore, Sanjay Kumar, Magesh Manohar, Ninu Ahluwalia

Architect Name: Grey Scale Design Studio

Interior Styling: Anushri Bhattacharya

Photographer: Anand Jaju

Size: 3300 sq.ft

Location: Mudigere

Written by Team TDJI

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