HIIH Store- Assembled with love for craftsmanship and decor

HIIH, a home decor store in Mumbai is a one stop shop for all the decor lovers. This indo-japanese concept brand is owned by Reshma Kumar, who is an interior designer by qualification and a decor enthusiast. Assembled with love for craftsmanship and decor, HIIH is a concise brand that creates artefacts reflecting their unique Indo- Japanese ideology. 

As we enter the store onto the left side there is a fine display of opulent vases that welcomes you with a feeling of welcoming someone at their home. All precise in their scale and proportions with a unique form that is derived from Indian & Japanese patterns blends into one or the other but fairly contrasting each other by their forms. 

Moving ahead, there is a traditional setup of mirror and console that has designs fetched from traditional Indian furniture with fine craftsmanship and carvings. Jharokhas to floral patterns one will find some selective forms in these products that have an assemblage of traditional crafts of India. These walls on the two sides of the rectangular store plan act like an accent wall to the space.   

HIIH Store- Assembled with love for craftsmanship and decor

Strolling ahead in the racks there comes a whole rack of the Hindu Deities decked in various materials like silver, glass and some metallic finishings. The rugs styled with these racks around makes us feel grounded with the warmth of rugs encased in the wooden racks.

The billing counter is placed in the same direction of the racks to keep the flow going. There is a small section at the end where some unique pieces are displayed and are highlighted. The rack area starts at one particular end of the store that displays mixed categories of tableware, unique artefacts, cushions, rugs and furniture that portrays the philosophy of the brand. 

HIIH store is a unique assemblage of ideologies and design principles that are shared between two countries. The store is also a symbol of love and gratitude shared between Japan and India since ages.

HIIH Store- Assembled with love for craftsmanship and decor

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