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Turning concrete pillars into architectural installations to create awareness about mask

The Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO) has recently introduced an innovative way to spread awareness about wearing masks in the city. They are turning the abandoned concrete pillars, which were used as pile caps for various projects in New Town into architectural installations and structures promoting the importance of wearing masks.

As per HIDCO Chairman Debashis Sen, “20 such concrete pillars were abandoned after being used as pile caps, are being recycled & turned into architectural installations and structures.”

These architectural structures are developed by artist Rupchand Kundu, who saw these concrete pillars to be dumped on the roadside and was thinking about how could these pillars be put to some good use rather than being wasted, which led to the birth of this novel idea.

These structures are not just a sculpture but also give a message to wear masks and also to set up the structures as a memorabilia of the year 2020’ said Kundu.

HIDCO and NKDA are closely working on many such different architectural installations, structures, and street furniture in several areas of New Town to give the township a fresh, green, colorful, and vibrant look as a part of developing New Town as a green smart city.

Source: Times of India

Written by Team TDJI

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