Hermes Introduces Colourful Textile Decor Pieces

French luxury brand Hermes, internationally acclaimed for its fashion, has launched a textile collection of fabrics that act as home decor pieces and conversation starters. Known to be contemporary artisans with humanist values, the majority of its production takes place in France. 

Hermes sets up four vast structures that resemble water towers to display the collection Looking for Lightness that are made of wood and colourful translucent paper. The structures embody lightness.

Designed for the home, the collection consists of canework, porcelain plates and vibrant cashmere fabrics. However, what stands out most is the textile which is the central theme of this collection. A favourite of the brand- cashmere which is made of natural fibres is used for six colourful textile decor pieces. 

Inspired by Gianpaolo Pagni’s designs, the Construction Blanket is made of Cashmere Panels sewn together. H Pythagore is an assembly of hand-dyed hand-woven cashmere squares. H tartan and H Tissage explore stitches on the cashmere. Linking hexagons with patchwork and quilting techniques used by Carson Converse the Surface bedspread is made. Even though the vivid geometric pieces have a dense quality to them they are light to touch.

The pieces on display are backlit by the translucent colours of the makeshift structures that act as stalls. The collection was displayed at the recently held Milan Design Week 2022.

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