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Hawker Street Ambience Mall’s is Made of Containers?

If you have a knack for innovative ideas and see it as a creative outlet, you can make a mark in your niche!

While jumping on a new trend can sometimes be risky – it can also be highly rewarding. And this experience, you only get better and better! So be it container restaurants, container resorts, bunk bed containers, used shipping containers, portable offices, marine containers, office containers, storage containers, industrial shipping containers, prefabricated structures, or portable toilets – they have rich expertise of 7 years working in this domain.

Hawker Street Ambience Mall's

Which is your most admirable Project and why?

Hawkers Street is closest to our heart as it is a unique food court that offers 19 food outlets in Containers and a sprawling 800 sq ft of seating space also made in containers. It also includes a stage to host live performances to entertain guests/customers while they much on the delicacies offered by the food joints. The entire process was a roller coaster ride and took 3 months to bring an empty piece of land to life. But when we see the end result, it involved a lot of learnings for the entire team and we are extremely proud of what we built!

What is your burning desire?

To be able to build a container Mall in Delhi NCR Region

Hawker Street
Written by Team TDJI

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