Haishang Museum: Rising from the complexities

Haishang Museum

Taking on the challenge with every new project, the team of CC&CB Arquitectos is en routing to another interesting project called Haishang museum. The museum is located in Jiading city of China and the driving force for the architects is the complexity of the design brief. The problems and challenges are considered the interesting factor behind the design that will carve not just one museum but a structure of architectural significance.

Haishang Museum is one project with many projects within, where the diverse exhibits from different collectors will be put on display. The path to designing these smaller internal museums or display spaces will go through the designing of the museum first. 

Haishang Museum

The site of the project is of perfect size and positioned in an ideal locality. It is divided into two minor crossing roads in four parts. The site is bounded by a canal that encircles the center of Haishang to the North, by two busy roads to the West and South, and by one of two rivers meeting in the center of the old town to the East.

Haishang Museum

The form of the Haishang Museum rises above the ground providing fluidity and ease of access to the interiors. The interior has hierarchical spaces connected with circulation areas that give provision multi-functioning choices. Other spaces apart from the smaller museums are the auditorium, multifunctional spaces, and temporary exhibitions.

The architecture and volume of the museum change as one moves forward which creates a stimulating impact on the visitor. Even the material detail is selected with logic and hierarchy into consideration that overall paints an impactful design. The design plays with light and shadows that accentuate the building’s form and functions.

Haishang Museum

A small restaurant and pavilion are planned on the Northside to infuse a formal character to the place. Landscape design plays a significant role in connecting the forms and functions through planting and pathways. The Haishang Museum is a dynamic project that is seeking perfection.

Fact Sheet

Project Name: Haishang Museum

Location: Jiading City, China

Firm Name: CC&CB Arquitectos

Design Team: João Alves, Susana Oliveira, Mariana Mendes, Diogo Pinho, Joel Dinis, Gil Lima, Afonso Tigre, Luisa Felizardo, Nuno Rodrigues, Raquel Lima, Rita Ferreira, Joana Rocha, Joana Soeiro, Filipe Mota. 

Image Credits: Germano Vieira, Sara Noronha

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