Green Building Principles in 5 easy steps

Ever since the growth of sustainability in every sector, Green Building has become an essential component of the AEC industry as well. Construction contributes to significantly larger carbon emissions which leads to growth of pollution as well. The emissions just not only include the construction process but the material used and the material transported all of these factors add to the building carbon footprints.  Therefore, architects and planners today look for environmentally friendly solutions.                         

Green building is a vast concept to be explained to the world outside. As members of the AEC industry is our duty to not only create a sustainable future but also to educate the audience about it.  Here are 5 principles of green building that can help one to explain the concept.

  1. Efficient use of energy, water and other resources

With the efficient use of water, energy and other resources, A fairly rated green building consumes much less than a normal building. Thanks to the building norms for green building which not only makes the building efficient but also makes the usage of the building more efficient with its post occupancy regulations. 

Green Building Principles in 5 easy steps
  1. Good indoor environmental air quality

Good quality of air in and out of the building makes a big impact on the human body and its functioning. Today when HVAC and artificial lighting has consumed most of our spaces, It has become essential to provide a good quality of indoor spaces especially with the commencement of disease like Covid-19. Commercial or residential spaces in order to have a free flow of energy without any artificial means can be a great step towards sustainability. 

  1. Consideration of the environment in design, construction and operation

Several measures have been taken to make not just the structure itself a landmark of sustainability but the whole of its surrounding can be of great help. If it’s a public building, from the transportation used to to water consumed in the landscape , every single effort counts that minimise the energy consumption creating a better environment around. 

Green Building Principles in 5 easy steps


  1. Use of materials that are non-toxic, ethical and sustainable

Use of toxic materials such as paints, plaster with an unavoidable smell can be a big reason for the inhabitants’ health over the period of time. We should make sure that an intoxicated  paint is used, not just to gain ratings and certification but to make a better life for the inhabitants.

  1. A design that enables adaptation to a changing environment

In the era of changing technology in every half of the decade, the design response to many spaces become inevitable. The adaptability ratio of the space decreases due to advancement of the technology which either increases the space character or leads to a bigger carbon footprint in order to deal with the trending technology. 

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