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Grand millennial Style is back in trend

The grand millennial style is all about embracing the past and bringing it into a contemporary setting. It is an ode to the past, bringing back the nostalgia and romanticism of decorative elements and retro designs, in a chic material palette.

It revolves around the concept of minimal maximalism, bringing in a wide assortment of forms, colors, textures, patterns, aroma, and lighting into a clean, simple, and elegant design. Retro art movements like Memphis and Bauhaus, along with vibrant upholstery add a mid-century aesthetic to the home, which celebrates the play of soft curves with sharp geometry, in plush fabrics, metallic finishes, and artisanal work, to create a cozy yet captivating space.

Simplicity and the captivating quietude of artisanal handwork, pleats, and fluted designs have become a major part of this trend. Visual fluidity & structural material creates unique products in modern silhouettes. Ruffles and fringe-trimmed lounge chairs, ottomans, light fixtures and throw pillows add to the beauty of grand millennial décor. Geometric Tables, curvilinear sofas, and neotenic furniture inspired by organic folds, asymmetry, and bulbous forms adds a futuristic appeal to this trend. 

Furniture & experimental accessories in a combination of modern biosynthetic and recyclable materials along with rough, organic finishing and digitally printed patterns creates an ultra-modern yet affable vibe. Adding travel memorabilia, collectibles and hand-woven natural fibers like rattan reflects a mindful and individualistic aesthetic. 

The trend is about mixing with various colors, patterns, and metallic details. Assorted sheen in silver, gold, copper, and brass with delicate surface finishing adds earnestness to the décor. Midcentury modern furniture with reinterpreted Classical elements, which are neither traditional nor modern adds oomph to the room, bringing out a welcoming warmth and intimacy. 

Bold and innovative nature-inspired motifs along with a combination of moody and rich colors in abstract art, carpets, wall reliefs, tiles, wallpapers, linen, and upholstery create a dynamic and vibrant interior. A combination of small, delicate prints, floral prints, and modern prints, along with cozy rugs and throws, statement chandeliers, and decorative lampshades, create an elegant and relaxing atmosphere for those joyful gatherings.

The Grand millennial trend follows no rules. It shows your personality that creates the perfect blend of comfort, ease, and tradition. The idea here is to orchestrate a robust, maximalist display that’s bursting with personality and charm while not feeling too dingy or overpowering.

(Poonam Kalra, Interior Designer & Founder of I’m – The Centre for Applied Arts) 

Written by Punam Kalra

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