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Glass Wardrobes option for your room

Are you looking for bold interiors with a dynamic contemporary touch? If you are opt for sleek glass wardrobes for an elegant, clean and cozy calming environment. Glass incorporated via wardrobes freshens up the interiors while adding beauty standing out to make one hell of a interior décor statement creating rooms which are neither stark nor cold but exquisite with modern appeal. 

These glass wardrobes have several advantages, which we have summed up here:

glass wardrobe shutters
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Style to Your Bedroom :  Youcan optfor large frosted translucentglass wardrobes to impart a modern appeal to interiors.These are not just aesthetically pleasing but a beautiful option adding elegance. The traditional sliding doors were crafted out of aluminum but these are minimalist-styled sliding doors clad in glass to complement the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. You can even use glass wardrobe for a modern, unique, and ergonomically styled to suit your exact needs with either a seductive transparent effect or a lacquered surface.

Use as a Mirror:  If you do not want the entire contents of your cupboard for open display, opt for glass wardrobes which can used as mirrors, these specially look good and stylish and can be used as a mirror. The glass surfaces reflect and bounce light around the room making the décor appear light and contemporary resulting in a striking visual impact. The glass wardrobe with mirrored panels – visually accentuates the room. But point to be kept in mind is that glass is fragile, so you must be careful to prevent breakage.

lacquered glass wardrobe
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Add more floor space: You had to leave space in front of the door when you have cupboards with regular hinged doors so that it can swing open. These sliding doors don’t actually open but slide so you get more floor space in your rooms, and you can style your interiors with etched glass on wardrobe without compromising space,  super organized and functional with custom-designed shelving and drawers making optimal use of space.

Clear glass wardrobe for books: Clearly transparent sliding glass panels are an ideal option for your book-cupboard. The advantage is that having transparent glass is that everything is visible so your shelves and drawers are always meticulously organized. An added beauty is glass is easy to clean and maintain as they can be cleaned using a piece of cloth and some good glass cleaner. The traditional hinged doors were usually constructed of wood, which was much harder to clean and started to show wear and tear in time. Only issue is that glass cupboard panels need regular cleaning as fingerprints shows on the surface easily.

Now, creatively think of innovative décor solutions for revamping your wardrobes with transparent, translucent or opaque glass panels which blend elegance and functionality.

Vastu Tips On Glass wardrobes

Glass wardrobes or surfaces resemble mirrors as they reflect to throw energy similarly to mirrors. The Vastu tips for having glass panels for cupboards are as follows:

  • Avoid circular panels and opt for square or rectangular glass panels.
  • Place reflective glass wardrobes in the North or Northeast for positive energy and good luck.
  • Avoid reflective wardrobes in the South or South East, as this increases negative energy like anger.
  • Opaque and reflective wardrobes should not be placed opposite the bed nor reflect the main door or the sun’s rays.
  • Replace broken or cracked glass surfaces as they create negative energy.
Written by Team TDJI

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