A Garry Weber Training Complex being designed at SMU’s Gerald J. Ford Stadium by HOK

Garry Weber training complex

HOK is selected for designing the Garry Weber training complex of 165000 sq ft in the south end zone of Gerald J. Ford Stadium at Southern Methodist University(SMU). The inclusions of the new project are premium hospitality offerings, welcoming breezeways that connect the stadium’s entry to the field of action, increased spectator facilities, and improved accessibility to all the services at the complex. The project is likely to be completed before the 2024-2025 college football season by JE Dunn Construction with a budget of $65 million. 

Trevor Bechtold – the director of sports+recreation+entertainment for HOK, explains how the training complex project is an intelligent investment that conveys SMU’s dedication to building and considering all student-athletes to maintain a legacy of athletic excellence. The project will eventually mobilize the south side of the stadium and act as a new spot for SMU football. The Garry Weber training complex will bring in revenue for the program with an improvised fan experience and premium seating arrangements.

Garry Weber training complex

The existing east and west gate entries of the stadium will be connected by the Garry Weber End Zone Complex. The complex spreads across three floors which increases the functionality, efficiency, and overall experience for fans and student-athletes. The premium seating for spectators will include loge boxes and club seating. The facility targets to enroll the top-tier student-athletes and coaches at SMU by providing unique amenities and amalgamating day-to-day functions under one roof. 

SMU has nearly 500 student-athletes and to support them team-specific spaces are planned that will include new locker rooms, position-specific meeting rooms, a weight room, a full team auditorium, and a training table. The facility is inclusive of football coaches, video and recruiting services, and support staff. The Garry Weber Training complex by HOK will also focus on the rest and recovery of its athletes and to ensure their health and wellness training and sports medicine, and nutrition amenities will be provided. 

Garry Weber training complex

SMU is focused on improving its facility portfolio with state-of-the-art design solutions and constant investment in campus infrastructure development. SMU has a division of facility planning and management that handles cultural and operational shifts for creative top-tier project delivery performance and the HOK and JE Dunn team aligns with the working of this division. This facility supports the department to provide ultimate service, superior management, and positive impact.

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