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Futuristic And Minimalist Designs Of Dnipro Metro Stations

Dnipro Metro Stations, Ukraine by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) has started the construction process. The project will showcase the firm’s signature futuristic curving style, and will acknowledge the area’s history with a series of eye-catching entrance pavilions made from recycled steel.

Dnipro metro 1

The project is part of a larger development known as the Dnipro Metro Area Regeneration Project that is transforming Dnipro into a livable, modern city.

The three metro stations at the end of Dnipro’s new line will be named Tsentalna, Muzeina, and Teatralna. The stations will form part of a 4-km (almost 2.5-mile) extension to the city’s existing metro line, which will be used to significantly improve transport links in the area. 

Dnipro metro 2

One of the main goals of the Dnipro Metro Area Regeneration Project is to alleviate traffic congestion in Dnipro by increasing public transportation within and between neighboring towns, which currently rely heavily on cars commuting to and from Dnipro.

Dnipro metro 3

The city of Dnipro has a long history as a center of excellence in engineering, metallurgy, and manufacturing, and these rich traditions are echoed in the sculptural forms of its new metro stations. Each station comprises a thin shell structure made from recycled steel sourced from local foundries.

Dnipro metro 4

While the futuristic, minimalist aesthetic and sweeping, flowing curves of the underground rail stations are enough to get you excited about visiting the entrances’ pavilions, those who descend into them will find that the unique ticket hall layouts make for ease of navigation throughout.

Written by Rithanya Sekar

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