Fine Dining With Sublime Experience, ‘City Height Bistro’ By VB Design Studio

With an uncompromising appetite to experience the finest, City Heights Bistro is a new fine-dining establishment in Jaipur that will fulfil that desire. With a warm and homey vibe, this upscale bistro is fancy-free, laid back, and unpretentious.

VB Design Studio

The colour scheme is dominated by nature’s spree, a palette of natural hues. The interior of the restaurant is furnished with illustrations that artistically depict people. This is meant to bring out the creative side of the diner.

The entrance to the Bistro features a low-set, brick wall that bears a blossoming tree done in muted tones, side by side with the restaurant’s label done in abstract form. The background depicts a play of light and shadow on monochrome foliage, that is accented by the fun seat swings designed for fun, family outings.

VB Design Studio

The wall leads to Courtyard seating nestled into a rectangular enclosure. Accommodating 35-40 people, the space is designed for outdoor soirees and features live music in the evenings. Beside this section is a service door connecting to the kitchen.

The floor is made of green and white checkerboard-patterned marble surrounded by borders of greenstone, on which stands a pair of metallic green chairs, wooden tables, and benches in white. Semi-cassette awnings with green/beige stripes and customized green lights are provided for planter bays.

VB Design Studio

A walkway paved with green marble from Udaipur leads to an indoor dining area featuring planter beds and potted plants. Through French-style arched windows, the silhouette of the space is simple and elegant, evoking the architecture of Goan Catholics.

A solid wood arched door opens to a spacious and cosy diner, with an airy island bar and comfortable seating spread evenly on patterned and unpatterned green carpets and green marble tiles polished to a high sheen. An open kitchen displays a blend of contrasting yellow and dark brown that adds visual interest while keeping the seamlessness of the space intact.

VB Design Studio

The works of Artist Mario de Miranda, which are dramatized in charcoal on the front walls of the space, recount the hustle-bustle of clueless times and cities. These artworks extend their drama on other wall sections as well as the invoice counter at the far end of the eatery. A bedecked central planter bay lends privacy between neighbouring eateries.

The arched doors at the entrance to the restroom are carved with images of both men and women. The essence of caricature continues to flow inside the restroom in the form of small stone carvings, a common presentation method in Indian art. The walls are covered with Udaipur green marble, while a green stone covers the lower part of each wall. 

VB Design Studio

The tropical ambience of the hotel is immediately evident in the hotel’s landscaping, which includes flowering plants such as graphics palm, croton, Alpinia, Naharkata, Cycas, champagne palm and chlorophytum comosum.

The exterior’s green paint shines, like an ever lighting lamp, and lets in ample natural light during the day through skylights. In the evening, as it dusks, the outside crowd witnesses a glimpse of the interior setting, which seems to present coalescence between the caricatures and eaters, thus developing an urge to move in.

Photo Credits: VB Designs

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