‘Filtered Rays’ A Permanent Installation Designed by Yinka Ilori Set Up in Germany’s Berlin

On the banks of the Spree facing the Estrel Berin Hotel in Neukolln, perched on vibrant scaffolding is an art installation called the ‘Filtered Rays’ that explores the relationship between light and colour. Designed by London Based Yinka Ilori the installation is one of his first architectural structures.

‘Filtered Rays’ A Permanent Installation Designed by Yinka Ilori Set Up in Germany’s Berlin

Reused scaffolding holds up a canopy created by a number of overlapping recyclable conical discs made of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The pavilion has been in the works since the pandemic and explores materials and colours and how they play into the perspective of people. It engages them in a way that they view the sky through red, burgundy, yellow and green coloured glasses.

The pavilion acts as an extension of the art display that is accommodated inside the hotel. The Estrel Berlin Hotel is known to support and promote art and artists. The atrium of the hotel functions as a gallery with artefacts by both Berlin-based and international artists that have been collected for over 20 years. This art enclave was created by  Dr.Sigrid and Ekkehard Streletzki the owners of the hotel.

It is freely accessible to Hotel guests, people about the city and passers-by who can take a stroll through the structure to experience the complete effect. From July through September the hotel will also organize various workshops for dance, yoga, meditation and art. The activities are quite fitting seeing as how the space was designed to ‘provide moments of intimacy and meditation’.

Yinka Ilori is a British-Nigerian multidisciplinary artist, Architect, Graphic and Interior Designer, who is also involved in furniture design and sculpture. He takes inspiration from his heritage to produce work that is more contemporary in nature. His design although playful communicates a much larger message of the importance of community and accessible design for all.

Fact File

Designer: Yinka Ilori

Location: Berlin, Germany

Image Credits: Yinka Ilori.com

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