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East Facing House Vastu Plan : For Prosperity & Wealth

Are you buying a property? Here, let us inform you that if you are buying a house facing east do read on for Vastu considerations as this direction represents air, agility, creativity as well as power, protection and elegance.   Here, the Sun is the dominant object and these houses are ideal for people in government offices or have businesses or are creative professionals like artists, musicians and dancers.

east facing house vastu plan

The main door

If you have an east-facing home, ensure that the main door entrance is exactly in the middle and not in the south-east or north-east, as per Vastu these two corners are considered unlucky for the placement of the main door in the east-facing property. If it is unavoidable, place the Vastu pyramid, Swastika sign, tishul or an Om symbol on each side of the door and one in the middle on top of the main door to eliminate the negative energy due to door placement.  At the entrance there should be no pole or a tree overshadowing it.

Master bedroom Vastu for east-facing house

A master bedroom should be ideally planned in the south-west direction, according to Vastu. The master bedroom should always be bigger than the other rooms in the house. The bed should be placed is the south or west side of the room. This ensures the head lies in the south or west direction and the legs are in the north or east direction. Avoid hanging a mirror directly in front of your bed. The changing room must be in the west or north side of the room. The master bathroom should not face the bed, and the door of the bathroom should remain closed at all times.

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Living room Vastu for east-facing house

Per Vastu, the living room should be in the north-east direction side. The walls on the north and east sides should be marginally thinner as well as shorter than the others. This attracts success in both, professionally and personally.

Kitchen Vastu

Kitchens are an important part of the house and need to be placed in the southeast or northwest direction of the house. But avoid having the kitchen in the north, north-east and west. If the kitchen is in the southeast direction, you should face east while cooking, and if the kitchen is in the northwest direction, you need to face west.  The placement of cooking stove, oven and toasters must be in the south-east direction for positive energy. Storage and refrigerator should be in the south-west direction.

The dining room

The dining room must be in continuation with the kitchen on the east, west or south side and the door must not face the entrance door. The sitting arrangement must ensure sitting facing east, north or west side. The head of the family must sit on the east side and the rest of the family can sit facing the east, north or west side.

Pooja room

Selecting the direction of the pooja room is very important as this room emanates positive energy. The pooja room should be on the ground floor, in the north-east direction, as this direction attracts extreme vitality from the sun. The ceiling of this room should be lower than the other rooms with a pyramid or dome-shaped top to give positive vibes and help to meditate far more peacefully.  The ideal place to set the idol would be a couple of inches from the divider to maintain a constant wind stream around the idol and place for the flow of incense sticks fragrance.  Ensure proper storage in pooja room to store all your holy books and pooja related things. This place should always point towards the southeast to guarantee there’s nothing coming in between the sunlight as an obstruction.  Also ensure that this room is always light and looks beautiful. There should be a window in the upper east for a good amount of ventilation and an ideal place for diyas.  Make sure the pooja room is not adjacent to the bathroom.

Study room Vastu

The study room should face the east or west direction of the house, while north is the second-best direction, ensuring that the door is not right behind the study chair. The study table should have an open area in front. You can also leave a slight gap between the study table and the adjoining wall, for the circulation of energies.

Paints colours

We usually recommend hues of blue and green for east-facing rooms as light green shade introduces fresh vibe and blue with a light grey tint makes the room look cool and fresh.

If you are looking for neutral tones, white and light pink are the best options available.

Staircase Vastu

The ideal place for a staircase in the east-facing home, is the south-east corner or the north-west corner of the house but avoid staircases in the north-east corner. The staircase should not be in the central square of the house and should always turn in a clockwise direction. Ensure that no room is built under the staircase but use this space for storage.

Artwork and artefacts in east-facing house

Place paintings of the rising sun in the east, to improve relationships with family and friends and attract fame. To attract wealth hang a painting of seven horses galloping across the water in the living room wall in the east direction. Also on the east wall place painting of lush green trees, fields, forests, etc. as represents growth. For harmony and happiness place a laughing Buddha idol in the east direction.

Water tank Vastu in east-facing house

As per Vastu, never keep any water tank in the centre, the ideal location for an underground water tank is north – north-east or place an underground water tank in the east – north-east direction and overhead water tanks can be placed in south-west or west.

Common Vastu defects in east-facing house

There can be negative energy causing issues of getting recognition or health or strained relationships within the family due to the presence of stairs, bathrooms, or kitchens in the eastern direction.  Doors facing east and opening outward can also create problems. The total number of doors should not be odd and the count should not end with a zero. Too much clutter in the eastern direction can also bring negative energy and these homes must be kept ventilated and airy.

Written by Team TDJI

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