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Directions for home according to Vastu

Ever since the ancient age, it is believed that most of your behavioural and lifestyle patterns depend on where you reside. Home is the space where we spend most of our time, more than any other space. The direction which your house faces,  influences the energies that will reside in your house, according to the ancient Indian architectural science of spaces which we all know as Vastu Shastra. If you are looking for strategies to build your house or renovate your existing space, look up the Vastu since each direction comes with a function and some pros and cons associated with it. 

Here are some points you should keep in mind while making up your space as per the principles of Vastu Shastra. 

  1. East, North and Northeast entrance

Vastu states that the East, North and Northeast as the most favourable directions that your house should face. However, several things like septic tank, underground water tanks also influence the wealth and health of the residents of the house. The entrance designed as per Vastu will help attract the right energies to nourish the house. The main entrance door should be in the north, northeast or east.

  1. Southeast and southwest

Neglect the southwest entrance if you can. If your entrance has to face the south, choose southeast as  south-facing houses have greater extent of facing disputes. Avoid any shoe rack or furniture behind the door, which restricts the door from opening as that will lead to limited opportunities for the occupants of the house. Vastu has remedies that can help to minimise the ill effects that come with placing a particular space into a direction. Therefore, the main door of the house should be clutter-free and clean. If the main door is in the south, then the door should have a combination of wood and metal. The main door of a west-facing house can be made of metal. 

  1. North / East for living area

Moving on to the further space in the house that is the living room of the house. A living room is a place where family bonds are generated and nurtured therefore It needs  to be a place filled with positivity only. As per Vastu, the living room should be in the north or east. If you have a south-facing house, the living room can be in the southeast. The northeast should remain clutter-free for maintaining harmony with the house. It also suggests that the furniture and heavy items should be placed in the west or the south and if that is not possible under various circumstances, one can put it 1-3 inches above the ground level (flooring and not the plinth). 

  1. East, Southeast for Kitchen/Dining Area 

Kitchen is the sole source of food and health in the house therefore the kitchen should be designed in the southeast as this is where fire rules.However, The west is also considered good for open kitchen layouts and if that is not possible, the northwest is also an option. If that is not possible, the northwest is also an option. Avoid designing the kitchen in the north, southwest or northeast as that can lead to stress amongst the residents.

  1. Northeast for Prayer Room

The northeast, east and north are ideal, as per Vastu, for a prayer space. A worshipping space should not be placed in the bedroom. Placement of the temple or prayer space shouldn’t be above, below or next to the toilet, kitchen or stairs. Prayers should be offered while facing the east.

  1. Southwest for Master Bedroom

The bedroom should be situated as per the hierarchy of the resident of the space as each member has a specific contribution towards the house. The right direction of the master bedroom, where the chief of the house resides, should be in the southwest for peace and tranquility. The children’s bedroom is best in the east or northwest of the house, as there are chances they might move away somewhere in their adulthood. Do not keep the bed in the corner of the bedroom as this prevents  positivity. The bedroom’s entrance door should be on the north, west or east of the walls. There should be no beam above the bed.

Written by Drashti Patel

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