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Devi Ratn From The Designers Group Is A Jewel On The Jaipur Landscape

If you’re looking for a taste of Jaipur’s history, there’s no better place to check out than Devi Ratn. Devi Ratn designed by Ar. Khozema Chitalwala boasts a stunning backdrop of the Aravalli Hills. The hotel tells its story of Jaipur’s history by mixing in an astronomical design vision. Ratn spans over 20 acres and is located on the Pink City to give it a whole new light.

Bold, big and captivating with subtle regional nuances, the masterplan for this boutique hotel curated by Designers Group.

devi 5

Devi Ratna. It’s a name that conjures up images of glimmering precious stones, sleek and shiny on the fingers of the rich and famous.To design the Taj Boutique, the design team had decided to build around the Ratn theme and preserve Taj’s legacy, while keeping its luxury image.

There is something about entering the majestic gates of Devi Ratn that gets you excited. You feel a sense of pride, a twinge of curiosity and a sense of belonging. We will be greeted by the glistening designs of the porch and a royal chariot. The airlock lobby features furnishings embodying local craftsmanship.

The lobby is an epitome of magnificence. The existing flooring in red chevron pattern was retained, but the entire sphere became a red monotone due to the red GRC architectural envelope.The hotel’s lobby was converted into a dazzling assortment of colors to wipe out the impact of red, with vibrant furniture and décor items, lighting elements and customized soft furnishings inspired by the Bharatpur sanctuary.

The first thing to be  noticed in the reception pod is the Chandeliers designed with a modish approach dangle from the ceiling , designed out of Indian stones with minimalistic design details. It’s also a reminder that we’re committed to preserving the past while developing for the future.

devi 4

Beyond that,there is  a showpiece that looks like a horse bowing down. It’s meant as a tribute to Maharaja Jai Singh the Hindu Rajput ruler famous for his patronage of arts and sciences. The guests are made to feel welcomed and important too. 

devi 3

Restaurant with its impressive interiors and fine dining experience promises to be a luxury for the people of Jaipur offering cuisines from across the globe.Each component like small handicrafts emulating trucks, cartwheels and elephants add to be the focal facets are infused in this description has some reference with the art & crafts of Jaipur, narrating the poetry of Jaipur as a whole.

devi 6

The public areas are connected through a corridor which is outlined with sparkling lights that meander you to a ramp that goes into the all-day dining restaurant “Vyom”, which has a rib vault framework. The restaurant offers an experiential dining experience along with a clear view of Aravalli hills. It also houses segregated private areas with community dining tables, library units, artifacts and other decor elements that have been laid out to create a gleaming ambience.To create a celestial marvel, the ceiling at Mandala was done in mirror but that meant it reflected sound back towards the crowd below.

devi 7

The acoustical treatment of the bar-area is enhanced with a customized carpet. The low-frequency noise is reduced by using the curtains and carpet. The aura of the bar is recreated while accentuating the substandard acoustical treatment.

devi 8

The lamps mimicked semi-precious stones native to Jaipur, whose workmanship is renowned worldwide. Luxurious details included table- and bedside-lamps designed by merging the geometry and filigree work of the building envelope into their form. The windows, which were large and reminiscent of jewelry made in Jaipur, incorporated new technology to control light.

devi 2

Fact file:

Name of the project: Hotel Devi Ratn

Typology: Boutique Hotel

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Area: 20 Acres

Photo credit: The designers group

Written by Rithanya Sekar

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