Rutika Bhandari Jain: Elucidating Spaces infused with Textile Design

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Textile Design

Textile design is a creative process of weaving and knitting decorative fabric that is further printed upon or adorned with embroidery or embellishments. From just being about garments, the textile industry is now about curtains, upholstery, cushion covers, rugs, and a lot more. With the evolution of the industry, the field of textile design and home decor is considered prominent professionally and more designers are engaging themselves in the field who have a quirk for textile design.

Textile Design

Amongst the many textile enthusiasts, Rutika Bhandari Jain is paving her way through. She is a visual artist and a textile designer who was born in Pune, India, and runs a design studio called Ikka Home translating spaces into art pieces. She completed her studies at Srishti School of Art and Design, Bangalore. and her final project from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. Her basic education was in the field of visual arts but she pursued specialization in textile design fueling her passion for designing.

Her work was acknowledged initially at the Elle Slovenia Fashion Week. The textile design project she completed at the university talked about forms inspiring interiors and lights and got recognition at the fashion week, which was also discussed and appreciated on a national radio station – Val 202.

Textile Design

Professionally she started working after coming back to India. After gaining experience for a few years she worked with  Upasana in 2016 in Auroville. There she worked on a project for the Weavers group based in Varanasi to support and encourage them. With the foundation of different experiences and learnings working with varying genres of people, she laid a foundation of her studio called Ikka Home.

Textile Design

Her passion for design was channelized during her university days when she garnered a chance of working on set design projects for FTII and as a stylist for Femina India. The charm of working on different projects with altogether varying design notions and client expectations, visualizing the concept of Textile design, hustling through challenges, and interacting with different people are the captivating factors for her as a Designer.

Textile Design

She curated Ikka Home to design spaces that are not just furniture type and orientation but different fabrics weaving the whole design together. The journey of picking up those textiles and putting each one in an apt place is a job that requires attention to detail and a sense of aesthetics. At Ikka Home, textiles are customized to blended with Interiors and furniture to devise a concept that is unique and meets the vision of the client. The three different areas that the team Ikka talks about are Interior textile, Textile art, and Home styling.

She closely works with different architects and interior designers to curate a home for the client and not just a space to reside. The working process involves conceptualizing, customizing, and personalizing. The correct choice of texture, material, colors, and design are considerable factors in styling a project that is exemplary and true to client requirements.

Textile Design

Ikka Home specializes in home furnishings and styling them, by working on the principles of concoction according to the vision of the interior designer / architects who have envisioned there canvas. It is a fine addition to the interior details by adding textiles that is overlooked by many people. Being in any place is an experience in itself and designer Rutika is driven towards crafting one that is worth having.

Written by Aastha Trivedi

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