Meet India’s First Artist “Dhanraj Sagar Shelke” making Oil Portraits with 24 Karat Gold Plating

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Without any formal education in Art, this 26 years old artist is loved worldwide for his creative work by Bollywood, Hollywood, sports personalities and leading industrialists, and corporates.

Artist - Dhanraj Sagar Shelke
Artist – Dhanraj Sagar Shelke
Meet India's First Artist "Dhanraj Sagar Shelke" making Oil Portraits with 24 Karat Gold Plating

Dhanraj Sagar Shelke is India’s first artist who makes oil portraits in 18 K & 24 K Gold worldwide. The Great-grandson of Inventor and Artist Mr. Mahadevrao Mistari Shelke who contributed his invention of coal-powered cars and truck engines during World War –II, Dhanraj had not joined his family business of Real estate & multiplex and followed his passion of making oil portraits in 18 K & 24 K Carat Gold. 

Meet India's First Artist "Dhanraj Sagar Shelke" making Oil Portraits with 24 Karat Gold Plating

Based at Kolhapur, he learned this art from a national award-winning artist Mohanrav Ganpatrao Wadangekar from Maharashtra. To sharpen his skills in detail, he did an extensive study on youtube for 11 years to learn more about this art in detail.

He mixes 24 K gold plating with crystals, metals, gems, and diamonds on the portrait to make the portrait look a more beautiful and adorable piece. Exhibited in many prominent exhibitions of the world such as the Tokyo International Art Fair, etc, the artist has been awarded at national and international platforms. 

Appreciated for his work by many great personalities of India, he has made a portrait of Salman khans, Madhuri Dixit Nene, Mahesh Manjrekar from the Bollywood industry apart from many great personalities of India. With the art studio spread in an area of 20,000 sq ft, he employs over 80 artists and has in-house art & graphics where he works in all art forms like hyperplastic paintings, Sculpture, 3d printing, graphics, & large installation, etc. 

Meet India's First Artist "Dhanraj Sagar Shelke" making Oil Portraits with 24 Karat Gold Plating

With the belief of art is for everyone, and not only for the rich only, his work is available both in India and abroad and on online platforms such as Etsy, Google, Fine Art America. The A-4 24 K Oil painting is priced at RS 30,000/=, whereas the basic18k sketch comes for Rs. 2000/=. Each portrait is awarded the certificate of its quality and material used in the same such as Gold, Gemstones, etc.  

Written by Team TDJI

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