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Design ni Dukaan presents a unique collection of products for your home

Design ni Dukaan, led by Principal Designer and Architect Veeram Shah, has launched five exclusive decor pieces that explore the abstraction of form and materials. Taking inspiration from art, literature, music, and colour, the pieces feature curves and contours informed by these diverse sources.

Veeram Shah, Founder and Principal Architect - Design ni Dukaan
Principal Designer and Architect Veeram Shah

The capsule collection features everyday objects that have been re-imagined and reinvented to challenge the way consumers interact with them on a functional and aesthetic level. From chairs and tables to accent pieces, these formerly utilitarian objects now occupy new forms where the material drives the flow of the design. This questions existing perceptions and stimulates new sentiments, creating a sense of individuality.

Design ni Dukaan’s work is abstract and often sensory, with pieces that evoke emotions and elicit diverse dialogues. Explorations of the innate elements of materiality and shapes led to the conception of new, unique collectables that infuse spaces with personality and character, reflecting the sensibilities of the brand and user alike.

At one end of the spectrum is the Monolith. This piece is all about capturing human curiosity and triggering different elements of function. It’s like a new-age sculpture that people can interact with. At the other end is Prismatic, which celebrates colors. Prismatic flames with hues and bleeds of light invoke curiosity with their never-ending spectrum of colours. The material is explored with overlapping layers to get an outcome that cannot be designed and it changes with the light, position, and height of a person, thus differing in everyone’s eyes.


Entangled is a sculpture that was created by pounding over a thousand nails into it. The sculpture is in the shape of paisleys, which represent human limbs. The sculpture is meant to show the push and pull of the magnetic force, and how humans are attracted to each other and also bring out the darkest spots in each other.


The Embrace chair is the result of various experiments in folding surfaces. The traditional definition of a chair includes four legs and a seating system. However, the Embrace chair envisions an ecosystem where the whole structure is defined by a single fold, where the supports and seating become one entity. This enables the brand to create various forms which would act as functional sculptures.

Design ni Dukaan presents a unique collection of products for your home

The Diphanous table is all about the collision of irregularity and imperfection. The tabletop has a linear pattern, but the terrazzo adds a layer of texture with its earthy colours. The irregularity in the form comes from the different sizes and patterns of stone pieces, and the imperfect curves break up the monotony.

Written by Team TDJI

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