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Crisp & Contrasting Ideas To Add Flamboyant Colours To Your Home

Pops of colour in a room can make you feel energetic. Features such as vibrant, contrasting colours can be used to enliven and energize a room. For example, if a room has contrasting colours against its main base colour, the colours will make you feel more energetic. The trick is to not go overboard and use small elements to add dashes of colour. We’ve highlighted some of the top elements for giving your home a splash of color.


Cushions are a great way of bringing about contrast in a room, besides colour they can also add pattern and texture.Pair dark-coloured cushions with bright rooms, or light-coloured cushions with darker rooms.

Colours To Your Home

You can also coordinate your cushions with other decorative items in the space, such as candles and vases. When cushions are used to complete certain details and work together harmoniously with other décor elements, they’re the perfect finishing touch to your home décor. Just some plush cushions can make any room feel more comfortable and inviting!

Play with paint effects

A great way to add a stylish touch to a room is to paint the walls. But rather than just using one color, why not create something more innovative?

Colours To Your Home

You can use tape to mark out stripes, triangles and squares, and then color them in with different shades. This dining room uses an eye-catching geometric design, with yellow, teal, white and silver hues.


The right kind of furniture can make your home seem instantly more luxurious, without having to spend a ton of money. Furniture is often more permanent than other elements of a room, so you want to purchase items that won’t become an eyesore after only a few years. If you are open to experimenting with different textures, explores pink and blue upholstered chairs or couches.

Colours To Your Home

Go wild with wall art

A collection of vibrant, colourful basket plates will bring any room to life. For a hallway, try hanging bright and colourful wall art. Vibrant patterns in an explosion of colours will breathe life into neutral spaces, especially if you opt for contrasting shades. Mounted in a gallery against a white backdrop, these basket plates, inspired by African tribal designs, almost leap off the wall.

Colours To Your Home

Table Lamp or Lamp Shade

When you’re looking for the perfect lamp to add a little fun to your living room, don’t forget that sometimes the simplest choice is the best. A colored lamp can bring a whole new dimension to your space, adding depth and texture that can be unique and exciting without demanding a lot of upkeep.A clear glass model can be filled with anything from colorful decorative orbs to seashells or sea glass just make sure they won’t rattle around too much when you turn on the light!

Colours To Your Home

Dont overload

To brighten up your living space, add art but remember to make it special. Before you begin, it would be best to figure out where and how you’d like to add coloured accents. To avoid going overboard, it would help to keep in mind that art on every wall isn’t always the best way forward some white space is needed for the beauty and uniqueness of each artwork to shine through.

Picture Credits: Pintrest

Written by Rithanya Sekar

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