Creating a space that is both functional and stylish

The design team at Sculpt Design Studio, lead by architect Vardha Aggarwal and interior designer Chirag Gupta, recently completed a new home for a family in Delhi. The project incorporated a variety of design disciplines to create a space that is both functional and stylish. The living room’s interior is a synthesis of contemporary materials and cutting-edge design concepts with traditional elements of decency, nobility, and pragmatism. It is furnished with attractive accessories, lovely furniture, and high-quality materials which give it a neat and elegant character. The wall is highlighted with rough-finished stone, which gives it more texture and a muted color palette. The room has a natural palette with harmonious color combinations. Off white, cream, and beige are the main colors, and rust upholstery is used on the sofa to break up the monotony of the room. Even though the area is minimalist, it looks luxurious.

Creating a space that is both functional and stylish

The master bedroom’s grey theme creates a serene and stylish space. The contemporary step moldings with scooped flutings add interest to the walls. To emphasize the overall design, gorgeous bedside metal pendant lights are installed in front of grey mirrors. Mirrors next to windows and behind lights help the room feel lighter and airier by reflecting light. The stunning grey headboard for the bed and the lovely green accent chairs really make the bedroom pop.

The daughter’s bedroom was designed with a carefree aesthetic and laid-back appearance, similar to bohemian design. Every personal room in the house is designed to represent the owner’s personality, while also maintaining the simple aesthetic of the entire residence. This tranquil sanctuary, influenced by bohemian aesthetics, is filled with textured neutrals and a variety of materials. The backdrop of the wall is a stunning, vibrant shade of pink, which adds to the overall aesthetic of the bedroom.

Creating a space that is both functional and stylish

The other bedroom features a terracotta ceiling, the same bed finish, a concrete-textured back drop, and charcoal grey flutters on top of the texture paint. The shelf, which is ideally positioned, the light artwork on the bed back, and the beautiful line drawing above the study table all contribute to the room’s overall aesthetic. The bold and eclectic personality of the user is defined by the overall environment. Because of the room’s limited space, the wardrobe adjacent to the shelves is another interesting aspect of the area.

Creating a space that is both functional and stylish

The team has used textured textiles in basic hues for window coverings, pillows, or rugs to soften and warm up a space. Contemporary home design frequently uses open space just as significant as the furnishings. This allows the plain space that is essential to a contemporary-style home to not be crowded or cluttered. To avoid overcrowding a contemporary-styled space, it is advised to use fewer collections or pieces of furniture. Additionally, prints with two tones often look good in a contemporary setting.

Ar. Vardha Aggarwal and Interior designer Chirag Gupta
Ar. Vardha Aggarwal and Interior designer Chirag Gupta

Fact sheet:

Project Name:  The Humble Abode

Project Size: 1600 sq ft

Project Location: New Delhi

Principal Architect(s) / Designer(s): Ar. Vardha Aggarwal & Interior Designer Chirag Gupta

DESIGN TEAM: Sculpt Design Studio

Photograph Courtesy: Takenin Studio

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