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Cool Room Ideas for Teens

A teenager’s room signifies a cocoon, a retreat, sanctuary, a hangout to chill where they can be themselves. Simply a room which that echoes their personal style plus fits in with the rest of the home. Plus, it needs to be versatile enough to allow an expression of their individual self. Therefore, consider current your teen’s personal taste, fun wallpaper and functional furniture.

Brainstorm with your teen as teenagers are design-conscious and up to date on the latest trends.  Include their ideas when planning their room as they want a mini, self-contained apartment where they can spend most of their time comfortably.  Regardless of size, a teen’s bedroom needs to be versatile enough for them to spread out and get homework done, hang with friends, lounge, and sleep, all while reflecting their personality. Teens often appreciate vibrant, high energy rooms. Work with your teen to creatively include the following areas in their room: Keep the following teen bedroom ideas in mind.

Design a functional, multi-purpose room

As teens explore their independence, they want a room where they can hang out, study and lounge with friends as well sleep. Add a chaise lounge cleverly tucked into the bottom of the bed to provide additional seating without taking up valuable floor space. Versatile storage below and above the study table must be incorporated as space saver, surface for writing and study on table will be appreciated. Areas to hangout and curl up and gossip with friends are a must; French daybeds which provide extra sleeping space for overnight guests; oversized beanbag chairs; cozy, oversized floor cushions provide extra place for friends to sit and relax along with a well-stocked fridge also a must have in the room. Importance must be given to placement of furniture so as not to reduce the room’s open airy feel. Enhance the teen-scene vibe by having a selfie-themed gallery wall, abstract photography adds a chic, modern touch just what teens need.

Enhance Privacy

Teenagers love privacy, so their bedroom must be big enough, with corner bed draped with mosquito netting or fabric for an exotic lounge/sleep combo especially for those weekend morning sleep-ins. Enhance corner seating for privacy to relax and hang out. A printed upholstered headboard and fun throw pillows to bring in a sense of youthfulness.

Vibrant Teen Room

Create vibrant colored, high energy rooms with a graffiti or removable wall decals for an urban style. Or a wall in a rich navy paired with high-contrast bright dramatic graphic accents giving the space a masculine feel without seeming dreary or drab. The subtle emphasis on texture and patterns give the room a rich layered look which is cool. An oversized mirror, flattering lighting makes the room appear longer and larger than it actually is. Space-saving pendant lights replace lamps, opens up table space. The dull look can be brought to life with fun prints and motifs, bright bold prints and high-quality bedding. Make the room bright with a patterned rug, bright sheets and pillows, gauzy or patterned curtains and bold and imaginative elements.

Sleek storage options

Let’s face it, teenagers and organized rooms are a rare combination. Messy bedrooms can be sorted with smart storage options. Help them keep their bedroom tidy and functional with these must-have storage items like furniture with built-in-storage, dressers, shelving, under-the-bed storage bins, storage benches or storage ottomans or a cabinet wall.

The bottom line

Keep your teens involved throughout the process as they are old enough to make their own design decisions. The best ideas combine elements for comfort, storage, and functionality. A teen’s room should make them feel empowered while give them ample space to learn, grow, and play.

Written by Mamta Singh

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