Come ‘walk on air’ glass bridge in India

Walking on air a dream for thrill-seekers comes true with the 200 ft glass bridge in Rajgir, Nalanda district of Bihar. Strap your boots, grab a pack for a sky walk to test your limits as the glass bridge beckons both Indian and international adventure seekers. Scheduled to be inaugurated in March 2021, the sky bridge set amidst five hills, the bridge will be a magnet drawing adventure seekers who now need not step on foreign lands for dizzying views.

glass bridge in India
Image Credit: Courtesy of PRD/Bihar govt

This glass bridge is inspired by the glass bridge in China’s Hangzhou, this 85 ft long and 6 ft wide glass bridge in Bihar will be able to accommodate 40 visitors at a time, as per authorities. Apart from the glass bridge, a Nature and Jungle Safari are also in the making to entice tourists. The government has allocated 500 acres of the historical Budh Marg for the glass skywalk, which is part of nature safari.

Nalanda was a centre of learning founded in the 5th century CE, historically and culturally rich, where once upon a time subjects like the Vedas, logic, Sanskrit grammar, medicine, fine arts, astronomy, mathematics, politics and epistemology were taught.  Today, the ancient Nalanda University, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the prime tourist hotspots and is around 95 km from Patna, the capital city of Bihar. The site is visited by global travelers. Rajgir in Nalanda is already famous for its historic attractions like the Son Bhandar caves, Vishwa Shanti Stupa and Brahmakund.

glass bridge in India
Image Source:Twitter/@patnanewslive

The new Glass Sky-walk bridge is part if nature safari, will no doubt add more to Bihar’s attraction. This has been constructed at the foothills of Rajgir’s Vaibhar Giri mountain, at a height of 250-feet from the valley and is near the main entrance of the safari. This Glass Sky-Walk bridge is constructed using glass and steel. It is completely transparent having three 15 mm glass mirrors installed on this bridge. The total glass thickness is 45mm, making it a thrilling experience to walk on a total length of 85-feet, the bridge is 6-feet wide offering a total of 40 visitors to walk at one time. The visitors will be taken inside Rajgir’s dense forest. The government plans to construct around 18 glass covered cabins and each cabin will have the capacity for holding 8 tourists, for covering a distance of 750 meters in 5 minutes.  Tourists are also offered adventure sports like air cycling.

The government is also building some other interesting spots such as a butterfly park and a zoo safari- which has been given boasting of a variety of flora and fauna which has been recognized by the Central Zoo Authority. There is provision of cottages for the purpose of accommodation.  With these attractions on anvil, the state government is planning to increase tourism by leaps and bounds!

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