Are we Discoursing enough about our Architectural built-forms?

Conceptualizing spaces and articulating structures is the beginning of the process of creating a comfortable and conscious built-environment. The process doesn’t end with the construction of a structure but further requires discoursing with the masses for them to acknowledge and

traditional architecture

Traditional architecture : Lost History or Gleaming Opportunity

Whenever we speak of evolution and development, it is redefining methods and processes, inventing new techniques and products, and incorporating the latest technology and ideologies; but does it also mean eliminating the long-practiced principles that benefit the environment and humanity

India & The World Heading Towards Net-Zero by 2050

The World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) is a global action network working on assisting and catalysing sustainable built environments around the world. The council brings together over 37,000 organizations, represented by over 70 Green Building Councils from various countries. Their