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B-10 Residence: A Serene Oasis in the Heart of New Delhi, Seamlessly Blending Nature and Modernity

Integrating nature into urban living has become a key focus. In the past, multi-storey residences in cities often lacked the natural connection found in traditional homes. The B-10 residence, designed and constructed for a client deeply involved in the construction industry with a notable background in landmark modernist projects in late 80s India, aims to bridge this gap. This family home serves as an embodiment of their appreciation for top-notch construction and the use of authentic, long-lasting natural materials. The primary vision for this home was to create a minimalistic space that establishes a profound connection with the surrounding outdoors.

Situated in a prestigious area of New Delhi, the B-10 residence stands as a stack of three stories above a stilt floor and a basement. Rather than adding an extra floor, the height of each floor has been extended to provide larger volumes. Benefitting from its location on a plot that is open on all sides, the structure incorporates multiple spacious balconies, giving it a distinctive and recognizable character.

The design of the house is a direct response to various factors including its context, client preferences, building regulations, and the prevailing climate conditions. The layout has been carefully crafted to ensure compliance with vaastu principles, which are of utmost importance to the occupants. The stilt floor of the house provides access to multiple lawns at the front and on the left side of the building, which are located on the adjacent plot. The open plan design allows abundant natural light to enter each floor of the house.

To address concerns of excessive light and noise from the streets, the basement serves as a valuable space for an equipped entertainment section. Additionally, it features a landscaped cutout—a sunken courtyard that not only enhances the aesthetics but also facilitates the entry of light and ventilation into the basement area. All levels of the building are equipped with kitchens and spacious living and dining areas, allowing them to function as independent units when required. The ground, first, and second floors accommodate a total of nine bedrooms, providing ample space for guests and visitors. As one ascends to the terrace floor, they are greeted by a well-maintained deck and a leveled terrace garden, creating a beautiful outdoor space.

A Serene Oasis in the Heart of New Delhi, Seamlessly Blending Nature and Modernity

The architectural facade of the building embraces a refined and understated material selection, incorporating timber and grey Kharad stone (sandstone) with a split face finish to create a visually textured appearance. This material palette serves as the foundation for the entire design scheme, recurring and manifesting in various forms throughout the residence. The arrangement of openings on the front facade has been meticulously crafted to seamlessly merge the outdoor landscape with the interiors, aligning with the objective of bringing the essence of nature indoors. Additionally, the implementation of acetylated wood, sourced from renewable forests, adds an element of sophistication and warmth to the facade.

A Serene Oasis in the Heart of New Delhi, Seamlessly Blending Nature and Modernity

Drawing inspiration from the carefully designed exteriors, the interior palette of the residence embraces a combination of Basaltino stone and timber as its primary materials. Similar to the exterior, the interior design focuses on a restrained material selection with a strong emphasis on textures. A notable feature found in both the lift and staircase foyer, as well as the internal corridors, is the incorporation of an elegant false ceiling made of timber. This not only adds a touch of intricate detail but also serves to conceal essential services. By employing this choice of material along with a muted color palette, the home exudes a tranquil and minimalist aesthetic.

A Serene Oasis in the Heart of New Delhi, Seamlessly Blending Nature and Modernity

The landscaped spaces, such as the spacious projecting balconies and the terrace garden, serve as popular and frequently utilized areas within the B-10 residence. These green spaces not only enhance the aesthetics of the home but also establish a strong bond between the living environment and the surrounding landscape. A clean and contemporary design approach characterizes the overall expression of the residence, highlighting a restrained palette of premium materials. What sets this home apart is its exceptional connection with the outdoors, facilitated by the incorporation of inviting balconies and terraces that form the central focal point of the residence. These thoughtful design elements ensure smooth and seamless transitions between the interior and exterior spaces, creating an ambiance that harmoniously blends with nature.

Fact Sheet

Typology: Residential

Project Name : B-10 Residence

Principal Architect: Vijay Dahiya

Location: Saket, New Delhi

Team: Vijay Dahiya, Shubhra Dahiya, Nouman Ahmad Siddiqui, Angana Saikia, Ishita Gahlawat, Hamza Ali

Area: 7198 sq. ft.

Photographer: Noughts and Crosses

Product Library

Light: Lumenatix and Vis-à-Vis Lights

Sanitary ware/Fittings: FCML

Stone: Stonex India and Malani Marbles

Wooden Cladding:  Ritika Woods

Flooring: Willow View and SICIS

Doors: C J Living

Written by Team TDJI

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