Artist Gopal Namjoshi meticulously crafted metal installation made it to the TDJ architecture exhibition 2022

TDJ architecture design exhibition brought several architects and artists under one roof embarking a glorious evening. Holding up the metallic art with a true sense of giving back to the environment, artist Gopal Namjoshi was one of the faces amongst other such elite personalities.  Public Art Installation Artist, muralist and designer,  his artworks are in our sights at some of the prime locations in the country and abroad which focuses on art installations made from metal waste.

Artist Gopal Namjosh meticulously crafted metal installation made it to the TDJ architecture exhibition 2022

He exhibited his famous artworks that include the metal deer made out of the machine parts. The other exhibiting artwork was of a statue of a girl fabricated with similar metal pieces. While the pink artwork of girl was based on the theme of gender neutrality in the professional world, The meshed wire man is one such societal story that has been narrated through his artwork.  

“My works must trigger an imaginative dialogue, heighten their sense of shared being in this universe and the experience should linger on as a creature with a long tail, or rather resonate deeply with a viewer as their confidante” says Gopal Namjoshi.

During the interaction he shared about his recent permanent installation displayed as “Tau ” at IFFCO Chowk, Gurugram intends to take back to village life within an urban context. His artwork at “Gajotsaov” Organised by Wildlife Trust Of India for “the cause of Safeguarding passage for elephants” at IGNCA was talk of the town due to its distinct features. He also shared about his previous works that has been loved a lot by the people that includes a prolific installation of the Eagle Owl found in the Northern Aravalli Range at the entry point to Gurugram from Delhi (initiative by “I am Gurgaon”)  stands  8.5 feet tall, with a depth of 11 feet and wings that span 14 feet, the eagle owl  is perched majestically at the entry gate, poised to take off. 

Artist Gopal Namjosh meticulously crafted metal installation made it to the TDJ architecture exhibition 2022

His favourite themes amongst his several  artworks is “Coexistence” and “Patriarchy” which addressed various societal as well as environmental issues. For him, the limitless metal junk is like a treasure trail which can be converted or prototyped into various concepts. “Co-existence”  drapes the metal with precision by upcycling the parts from various entities mainly including vehicles. His works have also been shown in several curated Group Shows at Lalit Kala Akademi, India Habitat Centre, India Art Fair, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur and many galleries in Dubai and London. 

Practising from the past 25 years, he has carved his niche with his innovative work across the media/styles and practices. The artistic brainchild has roots of art since his childhood days. It was his curiosity that took him to metal scrapping art while waiting to get his motorcycle repaired. The journey of an abstract art soon turned into a limitless art that helps the environment to save itself from the doors of a junkyard. Currently residing in New Delhi, his studio and workshop is established in Gurugram ever since his work came into acknowledgement. Amongst the several artworks of metal sculptures he has created, he aspires to upcycle large heaps of junk that are creating environmental hazards. 

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