Are we Discoursing enough about our Architectural built-forms?

Conceptualizing spaces and articulating structures is the beginning of the process of creating a comfortable and conscious built-environment. The process doesn’t end with the construction of a structure but further requires discoursing with the masses for them to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts put in to bring a design to life. Architecture is not only made by architects and designers but also by the communities who occupy these buildings and spend 90 percent of their time inside them.

Architectural Discourse is a significant subject that caters to talking and communicating architecture to the people for them to get familiar with the design process, concepts involved, materials incorporated, and understand the construction process. 


Architect Sonali Rastogi – Cofounder of Morphogenesis says, “ We don’t discourse enough, We don’t propagate it enough” about communicating architecture during a panel discussion at The Green Building Summit by The Decor Journal India. “It is not the magazines and editors to blame, It is us, Architects, to be blamed as we are not taught about it”, she added further. 

The educational institutions on a major level do not focus on the history and theory of architecture as important subjects but the only focus is the architectural design and building construction. It is important to teach students at the college level the significance of discoursing and how mandatory it is for your work to reach out to the public for them to get involved with the design processes. 

The responsibility lies on our shoulders as a community to make people aware of the field and eliminate the involvement of unqualified people constructing buildings rather than architects. It will improvise the architectural fabric of the country and would result in better neighborhoods that exude comfort and security and not threat and discomfort. The discoursing will certainly make people understand the efforts that go into a project from an architect’s end and will make them aware of the stakeholders involved in a single project at different stages of designing and construction.


The current generation is blessed with the tool of social media that can reach out to every corner of the world in one click. Architectural Magazines, digital platforms, books, and research papers are other mediums of communicating one’s thoughts about architecture and design. Other than writing, seminars, conferences, panel discussions, and roundtables are the vocal mediums for discoursing architecture and design.

The educational institutions and governing bodies should incorporate architectural discourse as a mandatory subject in the five-year curriculum. On the other hand, architects, industry professionals, and all the other stakeholders involved should come forward to engage more with the public and speak about their work so that the buildings built with dedication, creativity, and hard work should get their due.

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