The Moving House – A Smart Solution To Housing Problems In India

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Arun Prabhu, an architect living in Chennai, has constructed a stylish high-tech house on top of an auto rickshaw. The home is outfitted with all modern amenities that luxury homeowners need. This moving house is a one-stop solution to solve most of the housing problems in India, since it provides a comfortable stay for two people.

The idea for Arun’s new business, Slum Minimalism, struck him while he was still studying architecture. As a student, Arun had noticed the poor space management among the slum dwellers. They were unable to utilize their living quarters properly.

The houses were also very expensive for them, as they had to pay ₹4 lakh for an uncomplicated house. The houses often lacked necessities, such as a toilet.

The Moving House

Inspired by Arun, who completed his Bachelor of Architecture, Solo:01 was developed.Researching on slum housing in Mumbai and Chennai, Arun had realised that these small houses could be improved by instituting a proper design adding a toilet, making space for a bedroom, etc.and make the house more livable.

The entire project cost Arun 1 lakh rupees.This 36 sq feet portable house on wheels is a deluxe accommodation that can comfortably accommodate two adults. It was built by keeping in mind the lifestyles of nomads such as an artist, a solo person, a vendor, a traveler or even the homeless.

This house features a kitchen, bathtub, toilet, foyer and living area on one level and is designed at 3.5 ft of height for comfort. The sleeping space and workspace is designed for luxury, with a 600 W power solar panel installed on the roof to ensure the highest standard of living. A 250 liter water tank has been installed on the terrace for the most luxurious living experience.

With so much included, the terrace also offers a lounge space with space. To dispel any doubts Arun says that with all these features incorporated on top of a rickshaw, many people assume that this structure will be quite heavy. But he says that reality is far from it, in fact, the weight is distributed equally over all the structure.

Arun built this house in August 2019 and finished it within five months. Made out of scrap bus bodies and demolished buildings, Arun’s house is completely portable. 

“Portability makes it easier to carry the house and dismantle it.” 

It’s often more comfortable and convenient to relocate people when they’re affected by natural disasters or other unfortunate events.

Arun Prabhu’s vision led to a new type of architecture, which gained widespread popularity and was praised by Anand Mahindra, who suggested that Arun design a similar structure on top of a Bolero pick-up truck.

Written by Rithanya Sekar

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