5 Interesting School facades in India

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Facades play a major role when it comes to building elements. With effective spatial planning and interior details, architecture of any space comes to existence. To enhance this existence of the building, facades play a major role by maintaining the equilibrium with indoor and outdoor spaces simultaneously. Derived from a French word ‘facade’, it later on became a building vocabulary amongst architectural fraternity which means building ‘face’ or ‘frontage’.

Facade works like an image of a building in a human mind. Being a student we all have nostalgia with our schools. Playing the role of a building image, the facade of the school needs to have an interesting element that creates a visual impact as well as serves the functionality of the space. Here are some school facades nationally and internationally that portray a complete image of architecture.

  1. Rane Vidhyala, Tamil Nadu
Interesting School facades in India
Picture Courtesy – www.Archdaily.com

Rane Vidhyala is a CSR project built by Shanmugam Architects. It is situated a bit away from Trichy city. The climatic factors were taken into consideration, local jali has been used as a shading device. The brick walls are stopped at the lintel height and are planned to have perforations above. The slab is extended upto the outer portion and is used as a shading device for the respective floors. The voids and layering of the wall seems like a flowing pattern. Layers of local fly ash and clay bricks are used for the walls forming a detailed yet interesting wall pattern. 

  1. Kai Early years, Bangalore
Interesting School facades in India
Picture Courtesy – www.Archdaily.com

The design is fabricated from the free flow of circulation of kids and their playful nature. The facade and overall form of the institute plays a major role in the visual context. The facade brings an interplay of outdoor and indoor which brings out the facade characteristics into existence.The timber-and-white-plaster material palette creates a warm and congruous spatial experience with minimal physical or visual barriers; free-standing acoustic partitions and distinct ceiling and wall patterns mark the boundaries of each zone – building visual recognition skills among students without creating boxed-in spaces.

  1. The Northstar School, Rajkot
Interesting School facades in India
Picture Courtesy – www.Archdaily.com

With simple materials and usual skills, this school brings out the best spatial experience narrating spaces with its form. The interplay of forms has helped to narrate and explore the textures of facades. White, brick red and landscaped brings out the exuberance of the textures.When exploring material for the façade, the criteria was for it to be locally available, have an earthy tone, reflect an institutional character and be economical. Bella, a natural hard limestone in terracotta colour, has been used to blend the built form with existing surroundings.

  1. Manaskriti school, Faridabad
Interesting School facades in India
Picture Courtesy – www.Archdaily.com

Designed by chrome design studio, the main highlight of the entire project is the prefabricated metal structure developed using architectural interventions. To allow freedom of use and maintain the open play layout for air ventilation, the school is made free of the illusion of barriers and is instead designed as one whole unit. It seemed ideal, with the climatic conditions and demands of the use and material of the structure, for designers to plan around natural light and ventilation as crucial elements of design. 

  1. The Newtown school, Kolkata
Interesting School facades in India
Picture Courtesy – www.Archdaily.com

Abin Design studio is the chief creator of the marvelous facade at the Newtown school. The facade is a result of merging passive architecture into conceptual ideas. The facade has a unique mild steel frame in a grid pattern on the projected slabs that aligns with the FRP panels. A fixing detail using steel Z-profiles embedded into the FRP panels was developed to fix these 70kg panels to this M.S. support structure. Behind the FRP screen, the grey walls and windows highlight the screen due to its muted tone. It all started with a module and later developing it, the process of manufacturing, shipping and final fixing took 4 months of the total time frame. The idea was to generate dramatic expressions leaving an unique impression. 

Written by Drashti Patel

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