5 Luxurious homes on hills in India

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Nature’s lap has been forever the most serene place to the human kind. Homes in these vicinity have been mankind’s relaxing place since ages. Lush green landscape that throws a thriving vibe with a mountainous range alongside is what we look for on a vacation/workcation. Let us take you on a virtual tour to some amazing homes that might serve as a hint or visual retreat to oneself.

  1. Hermitage Retreat, Pune

Located on the outskirts of the metropolitan city of Pune, the home is developed by Studio Humane on the Sahyadri mountain range of the western zone in India. Inspired by the rich architectural and cultural heritage of the Maratha Empire, the city and its surroundings are embarked with a rich history. Such inspiration and design became the core of this weekend home.  The design is a collaborative effort by the designers to celebrate the history of the vicinity through spatial experiences and contemporary twists in the design. 

5 Luxurious homes on hills in India
Picture Credits : Archdaily.com

The linear house plan explores the roots encapsulating the urban and dynamic vibe. The entrance is marked with a court and further follows the hierarchy of spaces. Every space offers an expansive panoramic view of the mountains with a very thin line between indoor and outdoor experience. As we move vertically in the structure, a partial service floor serves the activities that includes solar panel installation, water tank, store room etc. 

  1. Villa in the Woods, Uttrakhand

Situated in the dense woods of Himalayan mountain range and one of the most scenic state of India, Villa in the woods is a part of master plan that has been designed to promote sustainable and conscious living amongst 90 acres of forest that has variety of woods like Sal, deodar, oak and rhododendron. The design factors included a deep analysis of the existing terrains, vegetation and other geographic factors essential for a project brief like this. Studio Lotus visioned to perfectly capture the brief of maintaining a cohesive community space that is the nature lap with least harm to it. 

5 Luxurious homes on hills in India
Picture Credits : Archdaily.com

Glued to the nation’s capital, various strategies were created to minimize the disturbance to the ecology of the site.  A pre-engineered technique of architecture has been adopted to clad the structure with locally sourced materials. Tie beams and concrete piles are the key structural members of the superstructure. The key components of the design were universal access, response to terrain and light structure that has helped the overall design to flourish.  

  1. The Little Much Farm, Mulshi, Maharashtra

Overlooking the Sahyadri mountain range in Mulshi, Maharashtra, this home is a weekend home to a family from Bombay. The hierarchy of the spaces is planned as per the series of lifestyle and events of the client that includes house parties, indoor gaming, camping in the garden etc. The site had multiple viewpoints and extreme weather conditions that worked as a challenge to the design brief. The house also contains multiple viewpoints as angular point to discover the vast and queer nature of the site. The roofs slant in multiple directions giving a dry yet breezy corner, a sheltered walkway and an open to sky entrance. 

5 Luxurious homes on hills in India
Picture Credits : Archdaily.com

In the ode to connect with nature and reconnect with the inner self, this weekend home has multiple reasons to celebrate life. On a broader note, the playful nature of internal spaces are the added element that enhances the space quality. The slide along with the staircase portrays the frisky side of the home.  

  1. Glasshouse Celeste, Ranikhet, Uttrakhand

On the peak of the hillock, with a panorama of the Himalayan ranges and close to Jim Corbett National Park towards Ranikhet. A cliff side glass structure accessed from the spiraling roads was proposed as the client’s brief had a clear vision to construct a space inside out.  Constructing a home in the untouched wilderness was a challenge in itself but a major transition came when the challenge of transportation came as the only way to transport the materials were the great Himalayan mules. With little resources, the entire house was decided to keep on a single level to avoid excessive massing on the vertical edge. 

5 Luxurious homes on hills in India
Picture Credits : Archdaily.com

To eliminate the excessive massing in the indoor as well, the furniture and the layout were on the minimalist edge. A sulked seating was designed in the living area that ensured a view without any hindrance. The openings from various spaces have been deliberately designed and placed at angles that provide thriving views.

  1. Lakeshore Residence, Nashik

        Situated in the foothills and around the fastest growing city Nashik, the Lakeshore Residence is a vacation home. To optimize the site conditions, the structure has been expanded in the linear format rather than massing upward. Along with large north windows and fenestrations, the house is fragmented in three parts with black slate roof. The site conditions shaped the house and framed it in the vegetation around. The walls are made of black basalt stones that are found in nearby areas. The small volumes are connected via glass bridge to ensure a seamless connectivity with the home.

5 Luxurious homes on hills in India
Picture Credits : Archdaily.com

The secret garden room at the far end has the lake view and is the most enchanting space of the house. While the large deck and the infinity pool that faces towards the lake create a thin line between the structure and the panoramic view.  

Written by Drashti Patel

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